I’m Sorry, Status Quo Backup And Recovery Can’t Come To The Phone Right Now

By Chris Powell

So here we are: we all know the role of data in today’s business is evolving at light speed and the importance of having a solid backup and recovery strategy is essential. The risk of doing nothing – or maintaining the status quo – will only hold you back. And this year at Commvault GO, we are helping people to move past the status quo when it comes to backup and recovery – because the status quo is dead.

Look what you made me do

One of my favorite quotes from a senior IT leader in the financial services industry is, “Over the course of the past 10 years we have made decisions that today – when we look back – collectively make no sense.”

So what did IT organizations do? Well, many companies have found themselves with multiple software products to manage backup, snapshots, disaster recovery, compliance, laptop backup, etc. All of these products have unique indexes, UIs, etc.; and all need one or more copies of the same data. So, we are faced with a model that is not fit for today’s environment. How?

  • Too many copies of the same data (creating a $$$ burden on infrastructure requirements)
  • Policies tied to infrastructure (making it hard to change to modern infrastructure)
  • Complexity rendering regulatory compliance near impossible (GDP-aargh)

Ironically, by trying to address the growing demands of data, you now run the risk of less data flexibility and performance at a greater cost.

At Commvault, we understand legacy approaches aren’t keeping pace with complex data challenges companies are facing today – and that today, more than ever, you need to keep your data safe, secure and available with real innovation in backup and recovery.

Another day, another drama 
But not for me, all I think about is (Backup) karma

The good news? You can set yourself on the right path. With Commvault you can interface with virtually every storage system, data type (physical, virtual, cloud) and business system in your environment while we protect and enable the business. Only Commvault has the breadth and depth of support across cloud storage providers, hypervisors, storage platforms, snapshot engines and enterprise applications. Read our own Don Foster’s blog about our capabilities in this.

Here’s another example of how the status quo of backup is not enough: we all know backup is needed to recover your data, but did you know Commvault can help you anticipate a data disruption event?  We have developed the Recovery Readiness Report – which brings a new level of awareness to your recovery efforts.  Commvault software can collect and analyze your operational data, your outcomes and requirements for recovery point and time objectives and then generate a report showing you how ready you are in the event something happens. Learn more about this exciting development.

So, here’s what you’ll experience at GO

You can find out more about the industry’s leading data backup and recovery innovations atCommvault GO (Oct. 9-11, 2018 in Nashville, Tenn). 

Commvault GO brings together a vast ecosystem of experts, partners, influencers and customers in a deeply engaging and entertaining environment. You will have access to demonstrations of the latest innovations in Commvault HyperScale™ Technology, backup and recovery combined with scale-out secondary storage, compliance with regulations like GDPR and automation of data movement.  When it comes to smart backup solutions, you’ll hear from customers like Laing O’Rourke, an international engineering enterprise.  Early this year, Laing O’Rourke implemented Commvault to centralize and take control of its data management through our scalable and secure solution. Read how this company is leading its innovation in IT practice with its data management strategy.

On-site, our labs will deliver hand-on experience in the latest product innovations to help you back up, protect and recover your data.

Awesome keynotes, more than 120 speaking sessions and a dynamic, interactive show floor will give you access to all the information that can help you:

  • Simplify backup and recovery with easy deployment options, an intuitive user interface and automated policies.
  • Lower costs and improve productivity without sacrificing backup and restore performance or availability.
  • Safely back up data wherever it exists and restore it anywhere it is needed to scale with a modern approach.   

Since its founding, Commvault has believed the value is in the data you have and the data you create. We are committed to supporting our customers as they undertake digital transformations and are working to make sure the solutions we deliver protect and enable business in easier, safer and more intelligent ways than ever before.

You can get smarter in the nick of time

Join us at Commvault GO and find out what we can do to move you from backup and recovery status quo to …

Registration is now open – see you in Nashville in October.