Why you should replace your backup target with software-defined storage

In fact, Gartner has predicted that by 2024, 50% of global storage capacity will be deployed as SDS on-premises or in the public cloud (up from less than 15% today).

  • Improved agility and availability across on-premises and cloud environments
  • Lower costs from the ability to leverage industry standard server hardware
  • Better scalability using a scale-out design

Save more than 60% on secondary storage costs

See why Gartner predicts 40% of enterprises will implement software-defined storage by 2024, and how Forrester calculated the Total Economic Impact™ of Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform. Let data lead the way.

  • Storage admins are able to manage 4X as much storage due to Hedvig’s ease of use
  • Time spent provisioning storage decreased by 75% over legacy solutions
  • 63% savings on storage platform costs leveraging x86 servers

One platform to rule them all

Let’s make siloed workloads, fragmented data and overbuying up-front things of the past.

Implement a cloud-like strategy across your applications and infrastructure that makes your environment more predictable, resilient and simple.

Data and infrastructure team up

The challenge:

66% of executives report that their IT environments are more complex than they were two years ago, while 44% of orgs add more disk to solve their storage capacity issues. But that isn’t a sustainable solution.

The solution:

Enter the dream team: Hedvig with backup.

  • Consolidate your backup solutions and secondary storage infrastructure into one efficient, cost-effective and scalable platform
  • Simplify backing up ‘offsite’ for DR, with rapid restores from secondary sites and eliminate data storage silos

Real-world benefits, real-deal impact


  • Provide automated and dynamic storage provisioning
  • Pay as you go with the ability to scale-up within a node as well as scale-out by adding more nodes as needed
  • Eliminate massive downtime scenarios for upgrades or additions


  • Ensure quick recovery in the event of an on-premises or public cloud outage
  • Provide fault tolerance against any infrastructure failure, including a single disk, node, or site
  • Improve disaster recovery for backup of non-Commvault environments


  • Future-proof your environment by easily migrating data and applications based on your business needs
  • Built in global deduplication, compression and encryption
  • Distinct control of data placement in a distributed system for data sovereignty

You got this

Software-defined storage might feel like a big move, but our team is here to help guide you on this critical journey.