List of Sub-Processors

Below is a list of sub-processors Commvault works with and the purpose for which we use their services. Please note that not all sub-processors are used in the provision of all services we provide, and some may only be involved in assisting with the provision of specific services.

Commvault affiliates and/or subsidiaries

Group CompanyLocation
Commvault Systems (Australia) Pty. LtdAustralia
Commvault Systems (India) Pty. Ltd.India
Commvault Systems (Israel) LtdIsrael
Commvault Systems Limited (UK)United Kingdom

Third-party Service Providers

Sub-ProcessorLocationPurpose/ServicesWebsite & Contact Details
Microsoft CorporationUnited States/OtherCloud storage services, technical support, and security analytics (Microsoft Azure Sentinel) Note: For cloud storage services, the relevant Microsoft entity will be depend on the customer’s configuration choice.

Microsoft Corporation, Data Protection Officer, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052, USA
Oracle CorporationUnited States/OtherCloud storage services for Metallic Recovery Reserve only

Note: For cloud storage services, the relevant Oracle entity will depend on the customer’s configuration choices.
Oracle Corporation, Global Data Protection Officer, Willis Tower, 233 South Wacker Drive, 45th Floor, Chicago, IL 60606, USA
Egnyte Inc.United StatesSecurity and compliance tools for cloud content for Metallic Threatwise only
Egnyte Inc., Attn: Kris Lahiri, Data Protection Officer, 1350 W. Middlefield Road Mountain View, CA 94043
Triple C Cloud Computing LtdIsraelCo-location services for Metallic ThreatWise onlyHa-Sivim St 49, Petah Tikva, Israel

Last revised in March 2023

Sub-Processor Updates

Prior to engaging any new sub-processors, we perform due diligence to evaluate their privacy, security, and confidentiality practices, and execute an agreement with them that implements their obligations. We will update this page at least 30 days before authorizing any new sub-processor. To be notified of these changes, please subscribe to the email list below.

Objecting to a Sub-Processor

If you are an existing customer, you may object to a sub-processor change by notifying us within 30 days after this page is updated by submitting your objection by email to with subject line “Sub-Processor Objection”, along with your name, your company’s name, the name of the Commvault service, the name of the sub-processor, and your grounds for objection.