Luzhou Laojiao Uses Digital Transformation To Drive Recovery Readiness And Operational Efficiency

Luzhou Laojiao, one of the oldest distilleries in China, switched to Commvault because it supports multiple backup requirements, all with a unified data management platform.

By Callum Eade

Expanding into new markets in a global economy is hard enough, but it becomes even more challenging if the company’s IT systems are not operating effectively. For Chinese liquor manufacturer, Luzhou Laojiao, which was looking to expand into new markets and making notable inroads into the Western cocktail culture, it first had to address a number of data management issues that were complicating its operations.

First, the company did not have a unified or easily operated means for centralizing protection of its data, which was dispersed across multiple platforms. This put the company at risk to lose more than USD $100,000 per day. In addition, it was not addressing competing data protection requirements from both compliance and business expansion perspectives.

Engaging with Commvault partner PolyStor, Luzhou Laojiao looked to find a data protection solution that would increase resiliency and regulatory compliance.  Simplifying backups and storage with intelligent data management through Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery has helped Luzhou Laojiao realize an 85% increase in its backup success rate and a 90% increase in recovery success.  Improving RPO/RTO by as much as 60% makes disaster recovery faster and 70% more successful.

While the company was poised for expansion, the global pandemic emerged in China and halted movement. As manufacturing in China is beginning to ramp up again today, the way the world does business has changed. With Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery, Luzhou Laojiao is equipped to adapt and move forward – even while facing the reality of a remote workforce.

“During these challenging times, remote or mobile working is a must for all enterprises,” said Ping Zhang, Director of Digital Development Center, Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd. “But enabling IT operations to have the flexibility to deliver this while also ensuring the safety of core business data is a big challenge for IT operators. Commvault software has significant features in data protection, data security, collaborative office and self-service, which can efficiently and safely manage massive datasets, with minimal human intervention, to achieve exactly this.”

Added Simon Zhou, AVP Sales, Commvault China: “At the beginning of the pandemic outbreak, Commvault activated our business continuity plan including work from home, restricting both domestic and international air travel, and keeping close connection with our colleagues. At the business level, we continue to focus on providing 24/7 maintenance and support services for our customers and partners. We have also successfully delivered Virtual Connections China on 19 March 2020 with more than 2,000 people registered for the event. I am very proud of the excellent work achieved by the China team even in this difficult time. With their relentless effort in communication and collaboration, we are able to maintain high customer satisfaction, support business continuity, and most importantly, ensure the health and safety of our staff members is our top priority.”

What does this customer story teach us?

For one: unprecedented things happen in the world.  Being ready for our customers when a worst-case scenario happens is why we consult and align with our customers and partners to constantly innovate and evolve our technologies. It is also why we have technicians and trusted partners, like PolyStor, on every continent and in every market to provide flexible, easy-to-use solutions that support our customers’ needs when business as usual doesn’t exist anymore.

Callum Eade is a Commvault VP in Sales.