Not All Superheroes Wear Capes: Some Protect Data

By Chris Powell

April 28 is National Superhero Day. With no disrespect to Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and other members of the Justice League, not all superheroes wear capes, carry shields or lassos. What is a superhero? It’s someone who serves and protects while fighting evil every day.

What is evil in today’s business world? Issues such as losing data, spending too much money, operational complexity, are just a few examples. So where do businesses go when a hero is needed to protect against the evils facing them?

Commvault is here to help protect businesses from evil by providing secure and cost effective data protection, management, backup and discovery. Leaping complexity in a single bound, the Commvault data management platform integrates data management of both local and cloud storage with a single console. Faster than a speeding train, administrative overhead is reduced and reliance on specialized appliances is reduced.

With a user interface as clear as Wonder Woman’s invisible plane, paired with data protection with the strength of the Hulk, Commvault can automatically tier older or seldom used data to more scalable, lower cost AWS cloud storage.

Recently, a local hero in its own right — Montgomery County Memorial Hospital (MCMH) in Red Oak, Iowa — deployed the Commvault solution to simplify its data management and drive investment in progressive healthcare services. By switching to Commvault, MCMH realized major gains in data protection performance and dramatically lowered backup and recovery costs.

Terry Koppa, MCMH’s network administrator said: “Commvault’s modern data manager is a healthcare enabler, as now we can invest in new services without worrying about how to protect and serve data. It’s more than just backup; Commvault is a major component of our infrastructure that allows us to excel in every aspect of being a progressive healthcare services provider.”

So today, on National Superhero Day, think about the business evils you need to have protection from and give Commvault a call. 

No Bat Signal required.