IntelliSnap Connect

Commvault IntelliSnap Connect Program

Your customers demand the performance, flexibility and reliability that hardware-based snapshots and replication provide. Adoption of your disk array solution in this highly competitive environment depends on delivering the right product set and market support.

Commvault can help you meet those requirements with the IntelliSnap Connect Program or ICP. The ICP is a unique, open program for integrating hardware-based snapshot and replication platforms in the Commvault software solution so that users can efficiently capture, move, retain, find, analyze and recover their data. With the ICP, you can focus on your own business and leverage Simpanasoftware to deliver complete data and information management functionality.

Best-in-class Commvault software enables you to reduce development costs, expand market reach with differentiated offerings, and deliver your products to market faster. Let Commvault help you gain that competitive edge and deliver the integrated solutions your customers demand.

Interested in becoming an IntelliSnap Connect Partner and having your platform become a Qualified IntelliSnap Connect Array? Please review our accompanying resources and submit your request for qualification into the program to

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Here are selections from our resource library, which includes a wide range of videos, customer case studies, datasheets, whitepapers and more to further explain how Commvault can help you make your data work for you.

IntelliSnap Connect Program Guide

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IntelliSnap Connect Request for Qualification

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