Pride, Respect And Equality

By Sanjay Mirchandani

Fifty years ago, just 50 miles away from our New Jersey headquarters, the Stonewall Riots sent shockwaves through the LGBTQ community that continue to ripple throughout the world today – sometimes positively, sometimes not.

At Commvault, we celebrate Pride and continue to foster diversity and inclusion. In thinking about this blog, it wasn’t as a CEO. It was as a global citizen hoping for more humanity, equality and civility – not just for our friends and colleagues here, but for everyone around the world.

So, on behalf of Commvault, I would like to thank everyone who stood up to adversity before, during and after Stonewall, and to the injustices that unfortunately continue today. Your commitment and sacrifice will always be honored and appreciated here.

And, while we should never limit Pride just to a month, I encourage you to be supportive of a colleague, friend or family member, take part in a Pride event, or support a local LGBTQ organization like Garden State Equality.

Everyone can make a difference, so be good to each other.