Protecting Apps And Data In The Cloud: Are You Prepared?

By Penny Gralewski

Are cloud-based apps and data the new normal in your company? If your CTO says 95 percent of your new application deployments are going\ to cloud, is your IT team prepared to protect apps and data in the cloud as well as on-premises?

Many organizations are already rethinking IT strategy and how the cloud impacts or accelerates their data protection strategy.

Commvault surveyed existing customers using public cloud for data backup and recovery and the results revealed a strong trend toward cloud-based app and data protection. Data showed 65 percent of Commvault customers on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and 55 percent of customers on Microsoft Azure said they already protect, archive, recover or access enterprise applications with their cloud provider and Commvault. Many organizations are already rethinking IT strategy and how the cloud impacts or accelerates their data protection strategy.

Critical to any SaaS strategy is a plan for the protection of apps and their related data, building on the work already in place for on-premises data protection and management.

Commvault provides a single solution for managing data across files, applications, databases, hypervisors and cloud. Organizations are quickly learning the same policies and processes that drive on-premises cloud data management can be extended to the cloud – and working with Commvault to manage their overall data protection strategy.

Energy company manages apps and data in the Amazon cloud

A large, public energy company wanted to aggressively move applications and data from parent company data centers to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud in time for a corporate spin-off. Rapidly evolving requirements and short implementation timelines required a streamlined process.

While the customer had no previous experience with Commvault or AWS, the team worked with Commvault to develop a documented, business-aligned and vetted application backup and recovery architecture. The team developed an optimized, rapidly scalable architecture in AWS for 320 TB with consideration for growth and flexibility as company needs have evolved.

Disaster recovery practices were designed into both the architecture and daily operations. With a seamless transition from architecture design phase to implementation and daily operations, the energy company is now currently operating reliably with 185TB back-end capacity utilization.

Data Protection: On-Premises or in the Cloud

Supporting cloud apps and data from a single pane of glass, Commvault helps IT manage the shift to cloud-based apps and data. Commvault supports 40 public and private clouds, multiple hypervisors, and the evolution IT teams need to move to the cloud at their own pace.

Commvault provides:

  • Backup/recovery to the cloud
  • Backup/recovery in the cloud
  • Application and data migration to the cloud
  • Disaster recovery in place, out of place, on-premises and cloud-based
  • P2V, V2V, V2P, physical-to-cloud, cloud-to-cloud and cross-hypervisor support

Should business needs require a change in cloud – such as from one region to another or private cloud to public cloud – Commvault lets IT change app and data location targets.

Whether its backup in the cloud, disaster recovery in the cloud, data protection in the cloud, Commvault gives IT full capacities to protect, manage and access data in the same way, regardless of where it resides.

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