Protection and Recovery

To reduce the impact of ransomware attacks, organizations require a solution that expands beyond Zero Trust Principles. You need a strategy that mitigates the impact of data sprawl and protects workloads with quick, flexible recovery options, all through a single landscape. You need a Zero Loss Strategy.

Ransomware Risk Assessment

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What is a Zero Loss Strategy?

It is a strategy that has been designed for organizations to help better plan, manage, and reduce the impact of ransomware and cyberattacks.  It is built on Zero Trust Principles and implemented through our multilayered security framework for consistent and automated ransomware protection and recovery processes. With Commvault, you have the broadest workload, data protection, and rapid recovery across cloud and storage platforms through a unified customer experience helping you remain vigilant against bad actors.

  • End-to-end data visibility

    Catch threats before they fully impact your data. With a single management platform, identify business-critical and sensitive data, reduce your attack surface, and minimize risk exposure. Protect your data with encryption, immutability, and air gap backup copies. Receive early warning alerts through our threat monitoring framework that uses machine learning anomaly detection and honeypot technology.

  • Broadest workload protection

    Actively monitor your data and leave no workload behind. Commvault supports the industry’s broadest workload coverage from SaaS applications to endpoints, databases, virtual machines, containers, and more for complete ransomware protection. Expand your workload functionality while reducing multiple tools and point products, minimizing complexity and cost through a scalable approach.

  • Faster business response

    Speed and accuracy are essential to respond to a ransomware attack effectively. Accelerate your recovery through our single management console with scalable, automated workflows, consistent processes, and flexible restore options. Eliminate complex manual tasks and staff frustration caused by using multiple point products and tape backups.

  • Zero
    Trust Principles

    Commvault supports the core Zero Trust Principles of trust but verify. Built on Zero Trust Principles and a multilayered security framework, Commvault uses these as the foundation to deliver a Zero Loss Strategy. Commvault protects your data and environment through secure user accounts, access controls, leading security response tools, and more.

Zero Loss Strategy: A business-critical approach to fighting ransomware

Learn how a Zero Loss Strategy, a new business-critical approach to fighting ransomware, may help your organization better plan, protect, manage, and recover your data. To maintain healthy business operations and manage risk, you need an approach that integrates your data management and security teams and other stakeholders.

Ransomware Impact


of security decision makers declare that ransomware is as serious as terrorism.1


of organizations were hit with ransomware in 2021.2


of organizations are comfortable with their security controls.3

A Multilayered Security Approach 

This end-to-end framework follows NIST and Zero Trust Principles, providing you with the best protection and recovery capabilities.

A layered approach to ransomware protection and recovery

Security-conscious organizations like yours can trust Commvault on ransomware protection and recovery to get your organization back up and running in hours, not weeks. With our multilayered security approach and Zero Trust Principles, we deliver comprehensive data protection so your organization is prepared and ready. 

The Security Framework

Reduce cybersecurity risk and ensure data availability through our multi-layered security framework and benefit from:

Delaware Department of Correction (DDOC) Takes on Ransomware

Delaware Department of Correction (DDOC) Takes on Ransomware

DDOC implemented Commvault Complete™ Data Protection to simplify backups and data storage across multiple facilities. They needed to move away from paper back-up to electronic data.

Improve Efficiency and Lower Costs

Israeli insurer reduces storage costs by 70% and responds faster to industry regulators by using a single reliable backup solution.

Reduce Administrative Time 

A centralized data protection solution helps the Turkish Bank streamline backup and recovery and positions the enterprise for faster growth with Commvault.

Lower Cost with Flexible Workloads 

Global mining tech data provider reduces data management time and cost in a multi-cloud environment.

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Ransomware protection and recovery from one platform

With cyberattacks expecting to double by 20254 it’s a matter of when you will be hit, not “if” you will be hit.  Don’t let ransomware make your organization a victim. With Commvault, you’ll have an end-to-end solution that improves threat and risk mitigation across all endpoints and applications. One dashboard lets you do everything — easily. Set up data protection, identify content to protect, monitor backups and restores, and recover data and applications quickly.  You will always have recovery readiness and greater confidence in your data backup, recovery, and compliance.

With flexible deployment options, you can choose:

The Commvault Command Center

The Commvault Command Center™ is an easy-to-use, highly-customizable web-based user interface for managing your data protection and disaster recovery initiatives. With default configuration values and streamlined procedures, it saves time on routine data protection and recovery tasks.

Training and Services for Data Management

Commvault Professional Services are designed to provide the service level that best aligns with your business requirements. We help customers design, implement and maintain data management solutions and also help determine your organization’s state of “Readiness” to ransomware.

Helping Organizations Protect Against Ransomware and Manage Risk

Explore independent, third-party analyst research and opinions from well-known firms about the data management market and Commvault’s products and strategy. Our industry-leading support of storage platforms ensures consistent recovery processes and provides the most recovery options for all your data and workloads. We provide the best visibility across your data to quickly identify risk exposure and coverage though a unified, single platform, the Commvault Command Center. Don’t be caught with your data exposed with an inferior product.