Ready, Set, Go Green: In Your Home And Life, Now And In The Future

By Luis Marini

In an age in which we stay connected at the touch of a button (#IoTlife), practicing sustainability is not only important but pretty fun.

Let’s start with where I spend most of my time: home and work.

Home, sweet smart home. On Dec. 18, 2017, I began my smart home journey by ordering my Echo (thank you Amazon order history) followed by my thermostat (Nest), lights (Philip Hue) and sprinkler system (Rachio).

With Nest, I now regulate the temperature of my home even when I’m not there. It analyzes my usage, learns my daily habits and automatically increases or decreases the temperature in the house – allowing for me to:

  • a) be comfy;
  • b) control my daily energy usage and;
  • c) save money! My wallet is very happy.

I have also replaced my standard lights with smart Philip Hue lights. These lights offer me the ability to save energy. By just saying “Alexa,” I can turn on/off or increase/decrease the brightness of the lights. In a few seconds I reduced my electricity usage. (Fun fact: this is my son’s favorite green initiative in our house. He loves that the lights save energy almost as much as he loves that they change colors. Yes, colors!)

My Rachio Smart Wi-Fi Sprinkler analyzes local weather data to determine the amount of water necessary for my lawn, thereby cutting down water and electricity usage.

And, of course, I make every effort to recycle in the house to minimize the amount of plastic and paper I use. It is ingrained in my family’s everyday routine.

With that, as I leave my house for work, I ask Alexa to turn off the lights and my thermostats go into “eco mode.”

I have transitioned my eco-friendly habits as best I can to my everyday life at Commvault.

For me, this means bringing reusable water bottles and mugs (equal love to my Hydro Flask and Yeti) to avoid single-use plastic. Any time I’m in a building and need move between floors, I take the stairs instead of the elevator. Not only does this conserve energy, but it also saves me a trip to the gym once in a while.

I turn the lights off when I leave the room (unless there are other people there, of course). I keep most things digital, and print as little as possible to reduce paper waste.

Even outside of work, technology and data are a big part of my life to help go green. While I have taken steps toward a more sustainable lifestyle, I’m still far from being 100 percent. However, I hope some of the efforts I have shared spark inspiration for you to incorporate into your own life. We’re here to save the data – and the environment!

If you haven’t done so already, join Commvault in its commitment in reducing plastic this month and beyond!