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• Legacy solution wasn’t able to scale large or virtual environments
• Lack of visibility into customer infrastructure precluded proactive recommendations/trouble- shooting
• No notification of new VMs , so couldn’t protect them
• Backup windows were too long; monitoring reports and fixing errors stretched IT resources

Commvault Software
• Backup and Recovery
• Archive
• Search
• Content Indexing
• Edge

• Able to manage virtual environments; auto-discover new VMs as they are created
• Insight into customer environments, enables simple “flick of a switch to turn on new functionality
• Error-free backups are completed within 2 to 3 hours
• Advising and developing Customer Disaster Recovery Roadmaps is more proactive

As an IT managed services and solutions provider, UbiStor’s mission is to help its customers protect, manage, access and extract business value from their business data. To overcome challenges caused by the rapid adoption of virtual server technology and massive data growth, UbiStor has deployed Commvault® software to manage its own IT infrastructure and as the core data and information management platform powering and protecting its services offerings. UbiStor’s innovative technology and hosting solutions assist customers with services ranging from data backup and recovery to customized, cost-efficient and comprehensive disaster recovery planning.

Several years ago, UbiStor needed to replace its legacy backup product, which wasn’t able to scale to support its own information management needs or its customers’ ever-expanding virtualized infrastructures. According to Dave Brooks, UbiStor’s CTO, “Customers were incurring hefty costs because they often had to buy completely new software every time they needed to scale or add functionality. In addition, managing end-to-end backups required customer intervention because we lacked complete visibility into their systems.”

UbiStor wanted to maintain enterprise-class service levels and credibility as a trusted advisor, with the ability to offer customers increased value through advanced services offerings. The solution it adopted would need to be technology-agnostic and compatible with virtually any hardware or software that its customers were using or might deploy in the future. UbiStor also needed the ability to holistically manage and protect virtual server environments, centrally administer software updates and speed virtual machine (VM) provisioning.

After a careful review of data management software vendors, UbiStor selected Commvault software due to Simpana software’s fundamental ability to manage large-scale virtual environments. Choosing Commvault also allowed UbiStor to move beyond backup and recovery to offer advanced features, such as archiving, content indexing and search, along with complete disaster recovery services. A flexible licensing structure allows UbiStor to provide additional pricing options to its customers.


As more customers adopt virtualized infrastructures to curtail skyrocketing costs and efficiently manage data and application growth, UbiStor has standardized Simpana software to protect both physical and virtual servers through a single platform. Brooks explained, “The ability to manage everything from a single pane of glass provides the flexibility we need as a service provider. When we need to restore a physical or virtual server or certain files within a server, we can identify them quickly, click ‘restore’ and the software does the work for us.”