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Valuable data with Commvault® software search & archive capabilities. 


  • Productivity was impacted when similar projects were recreated because the information wasn’t archived and available to all users
  • Tier one storage was being used for data that should have been archived and offloaded to less expensive storage
  • Inability for end users to perform their own searches (i.e., for eDiscovery)
  • Lack of a disaster recovery planning left company open to potential data loss should a disaster occur


Upgrade to Commvault Software:

  • Deduplication
  • Replication
  • Archive
  • Search


  • Email archiving, deduplication and compression reduced, by more than 300 percent, the ongoing requirement for the amount of data to be backed up,
  • Extending the life of tier one storage by 2 years
  • Enabled end-user search and access to archived email files, relieving IT staff of this burden
  • Elevated disaster recovery capabilities with improved RTO