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Data management used to be a straightforward proposition. You made sure you had enough online storage capacity to support the production environment, and you periodically backed up the data in that environment so the business could recover from an outage.

The relationship between IT and the business, however, has changed. Now, everything the business does depends on one application or another. In this
application-centric world, backup and storage managers can no longer just protect data at rest. They must aggressively safeguard and optimize access to the enterprise applications on which the business depends.

This sort of application-level data management is posing challenges for IT. According to a UBM Tech study, IT decision-makers are nearly twice as likely to be worried about their storage-related costs as they are about those related to servers or networks (see Figure 1, p. 2).

That’s why IT is looking to simplify the increasingly complex work associated with application-level data management – and, by doing so, to significantly
improve the efficiency and effectiveness with which it meets the escalating demands of the business.

It’s all well and good to talk about data protection generally, but IT organizations aren’t tasked with protecting an amorphous mass of undifferentiated data. The reality is that they must safeguard the specific applications and services the business depends on.