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IT professionals know the word kludge all too well, having experienced the painful inefficiencies that occur when multiple point products are cobbled together to try to accomplish tasks and to function as one unit. It rarely works and the TCO (total cost of ownership) analysis of such inefficiencies will show a pretty dismal return. There is a better way: starting with a single-platform solution that not only incorporates your multiple needs for data management today, but also is designed to address a future in which the demand for data services knows no bounds.

It’s a good time to build for the future by putting into place a data backup and recovery, retention, search and access platform that is designed from the beginning as a holistic, fully integrated system. It will provide you the security and efficiency you need to serve your organization’s many needs and support ever-increasing demands without adding complexity.


Commvault® banishes the disconnected legacy point products of the past and replaces them with a single, Modern Data Protection and information management platform. It integrates application intelligence with heterogeneous hardware snapshots, indexing, deduplication, replication, reporting and search to efficiently capture, move, retain, find and recover data from any storage tier.

Making it even more appealing, you have the benefit of a single user interface and common code base that enables you to improve recovery times, reduce costs and improve operations.

Here are five features of Commvault’s software that give IT professionals the streamlined approach to data management they need to support enterprises in a challenging modern environment.


Commvault uses its in-depth knowledge of applications, virtual machines and file systems to provide granularity into the data you are protecting, and to enable consistent, rapid protection and recovery of that data. One of the technologies that make rapid, consistent recovery possible is the software’s hardware snapshot management technology which enables you to create application-aware recovery copies from heterogeneous storage arrays from a single console and without complex scripting. Modern snapshot integration helps you meet increasingly stringent SLAs by dramatically improving recovery time and reducing backup windows. And you can reduce the burden on resources by offloading backup operations from snapshot copies from your production environment.


A streamlined approach to data management means getting smarter about what data you want to keep, to further reduce the cost, complexity and risk of storing business or compliance data. Commvault software uses content-based retention policies, taking retention into the modern age, unlike costly legacy methods that follow the “keep everything” principle. By automatically organizing, classifying and storing only the data you deem relevant, Commvault software can reduce retention costs up to 70 percent. With support for disk, tape or cloud storage, policy and content-based retention enables a streamlined, more intelligent archive accessible for a variety of use cases, including compliance, records management, eDiscovery, storage optimization, analytics and more.