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Despite the efficiency benefits of hardware array-based snapshots, their complexities pose it with many challenges.

Snapshot-based data protection solutions were supposed to solve our backup challenges, weren’t they? Then why are your backups still broken? If your snapshots are manually-managed or of the "build-it-yourself" variety, there may be several reasons that they aren’t working very well.


Virtual machines (VMs), along with application or operating system upgrades, are the first major place that snapshot issues typically arise. VMs are often used to accelerate application deployments, but a scripted array snapshot plan can actually extend the deployment time. VMs add a layer of complexity to the data protection environment. If you have multiple different VMs on each LUN, how do you plan snapshots?

Any major change to the environment can, and often does, break manual snapshot processes. For example, the operating system may be upgraded, or the application itself may need upgrading, requiring an update to script parameters.

Commvault® IntelliSnap® technology resolves these problems. First, IntelliSnap software has hypervisor integration for both VMware and Hyper-V, so it natively understands these virtualization environments. It also has an automated deployment feature on applications, and it has built-in integration for applications and operating systems. IntelliSnap technology has already done the work to ensure that it captures data in a way that is both application-aware and recoverable, and Commvault updates application support on a regular basis.


Integration between applications and storage is another reason your manually-managed snapshots may not be working.

Data protection solutions that require manual management of snapshots must be manually integrated between the applications and the storage. This is quite challenging, requiring a lot of separate steps and time to implement, as well as both application and storage expertise. When the manual integration is done, the scripts that do the orchestration can easily break. Even a single missed character or extra space can cause a script to fail.

Commvault software’s IntelliSnap feature fully automates snapshot execution, with all standard operations built in. IntelliSnap technology also includes a workflow automation tool for any custom tasks that are unique to your environment.