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Enterprises today increasingly turn to array-based snapshots and replication to augment or replace legacy data protection solutions. The challenge is that native array snapshot tools have varying degrees of functionality, automation, scripting requirements, hardware support and application awareness. Commvault streamlines snapshot management and exponentially accelerates data protection and recovery operations.

Enterprises today increasingly turn to array-based snapshots and replication to augment or replace legacy data protection solutions that have been overwhelmed by exponential data growth. The challenge is that native array snapshot tools — and alternative third-party solutions — have varying degrees of functionality, automation, scripting requirements, hardware support and application awareness. These approaches can add administrative complexity and make it more difficult to realize the full potential of snapshots — especially in heterogeneous storage environments.

Commvault solves this problem with IntelliSnap® snapshot management technology. IntelliSnap technology streamlines and simplifies snapshot management for nearly all of the industry’s top storage arrays; centralizes snapshot management across heterogeneous storage platforms; automates object, application and database recovery; and links snapshots to backup processes. The tight coupling of managed snapshots with data protection and recovery operations enables Commvault software to provide a complete view into data across applications, devices, operating systems and locations, cutting administrative overhead and improving access, availability and IT efficiency. This paper provides an in-depth exploration of IntelliSnap technology’s technical capabilities and business benefits.