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1 Rapidly design an agile data management environment within a private cloud services structure.
2 Define clear operations and management processes necessary for successful private cloud services implementation
3 Develop a robust catalog of data management services with business supported chargebacks that deliver on client requirements.


Cloud computing and cloud based services have become valuable tools for leading IT organizations, with significant growth forecast by many industry analysts. Public cloud has garnered much attention, however concerns about: performance and service levels, service customization, vendor lock-in, vendor stability, and data security have forced organizations to investigate private cloud solutions where more control and intellectual property is retained in-house.

Companies can rapidly develop data and information management services that complement their private cloud services portfolio by using the Commvault® Private Cloud Service Design offering. Leveraging the experience gained from assisting thousands of customers, Commvault has distilled the design of private cloud services for data management into a set of core decision elements that can be reviewed and finalized in as little as 6 weeks. Our consultants enable customers to navigate through the business, organizational and IT alignment process using accepted ITIL frameworks. Customers can be confident that seasoned Commvault consultants and ITIL-based deliverables will translate into successful data management operations within a private cloud service environment.

Transitioning from a traditional IT organization to a shared service provider that is service rather than technology focused is the key challenge for organizations implementing a private cloud strategy. Commvault has seen that most traditional IT organizations transitioning to a cloud approach are often quick to compare feature sets in products while minimizing the fundamental business process shifts that must be completed for successful, sustained cloud service delivery. Commvault helps its clients overcome those challenges by distilling the vast amount information into a simple set of decision points, highlighting areas for further development, providing pragmatic real-world experience, and then wrapping it all together with industry standard ITIL methodology. The primary outcome of the offering is a Data Management Services Catalog. This catalog contains the specifications, parameters, features, and roadmap of the data management services to be offered using the private cloud environment.


Commvault employs ITIL standard frameworks for service design, industry best practices, and the in-depth expertise of a dedicated team of consultants, architects, engineers, and industry experts to deliver its Private Cloud Services Design offering. The Commvault team works closely with the client’s business and IT leaders to understand their cloud services strategy and ensure alignment with required business and strategic needs. This translates into collaborative development of a comprehensive service offerings vision, a prioritized services pipeline, and defined integration points, roles, and organizational structure. Client leaders can expect to achieve the following during a typical engagement:

  • Cost Management
  • Services Roadmaps
  • Time-to-Market
  • Business Actionable Service Offerings
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Organizational Modeling
  • Data Security
  • Operations Matrix