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Commvault software enables organizations to go beyond data protection to provide full Cloud & VM Lifecycle Management with:

  1. Flexible Data Protection — Right-size data protection methodologies for VMware environments to achieve SLAs with confidence without overspending.
  2. Instant VM Recovery with new VM “Live Options” — Including Live Browse, Live File Restore, Live VM Restore.
  3. Self-Service Access and Management of VMs — End-user self-service provisioning and management, auto-discovery & protection, & robust reporting including chargeback capabilities.
  4. Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery — Leverage any tier of infrastructure from internal resources to public cloud to bring DR to every application that needs it.
  5. Automated VM Archiving — Helps reclaim resources for redeployment while providing long-term archived VM data retention.
  6. Accelerated Test/Dev — Enables self-service resource provisioning and management and automated VM retirement to help.

Commvault® software’s Virtual Server Agent (VSA) helps you gain new efficiency out of your VMware virtual infrastructure with the most advanced VMware data protection and management solutions available today. Commvault software scales seamlessly to support the most demanding enterprise deployments running VMware virtual infrastructure.


  • Manage data across physical & virtual environments with a single, integrated solution.
  • Protect hundreds of VMs in minutes with IntelliSnap® technology for heterogeneous management of array-based hardware snapshots.
  • Leverage enterprise class, global deduplication and features like Changed Block Tracking (CBT) to enable smart protection strategies like incremental forever to limit the impact of backups on production infrastructure, using fewer hardware resources than traditional backup or point products.
  • Scale to protect thousands of VMs across the enterprise using commodity servers and storage.
  • Application integrated protection ensures application consistency and rapid application recovery within VMs including granular recovery for certain applications.
  • Recover VMs instantly with new “Live Recovery” options, including Live Browse, Live File Restore and Live VM Restore.


  • Reduce VM sprawl, increase VM platform utilization and ultimately save money on extra server, storage and networking hardware.


  • Provide self-service admin management access for VM provisioning, backup, and recovery with customizable configuration limits, expiration dates, and much more.
  • Normalize management of virtual machines across multiple VM and cloud platforms (Hyper-V, VMware and AWS) with a web-based portal.
  • Achieve operational excellence with custom reporting options that deliver summary, dashboard, and instrumentation level reporting on the entire environment, not just the backups.
  • Leave no VM unprotected with automated VM discovery.
  • Deliver IT as a service with chargeback reporting, workflow automation and self-service access.


  • Bring DR to workloads that have never had it before by eliminating the need for identical hardware.
  • Reduce the complexity of extending workloads to cloud infrastructure using DASH Copy, Virtualize Me, and Workflow Automation.
  • Accelerate DR and DR testing with automated, replicated VM backups to cloud.