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Today, more organizations are looking to the cloud to increase agility, reduce capital costs and free up staff time and resources — and this trend is only predicted to accelerate. Maybe you are considering it as well, or have had limited success with initial attempts due to the complexity and lack of integration between your on-premises operations and cloud provider. But with the extensive integrations and capabilities of Commvault software and Microsoft Azure, you can overcome these challenges and reap the benefits of cloud infrastructure and storage. Together, Microsoft and Commvault deliver a flexible, secure and cost-effective solution for leveraging the cloud. It is a streamlined, easy-to-use solution that is designed to maximize value to your business, whether your goal is doing more with less, providing new capabilities to increase your competitive edge, enhancing business continuity, or all of the above.

Microsoft and Commvault (a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and the 2014 Microsoft Server Platform Partner of the Year Award winner) have collaborated for more than 15 years to provide businesses with superior data management solutions. The two companies continue to strengthen these solutions with the delivery of Commvault software on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This joint solution enables you to protect, manage and access your heterogeneous data both on-premises and, seamlessly, in the Azure cloud with Commvault software.

With Commvault software and Microsoft Azure, it is easier than ever to move your targeted production workloads to the cloud, protect them once there, and maintain the level of access you are used to having when on-premises. This joint solution also opens up new use cases for the cloud and makes connecting on-premises and cloud data management efficient and simple — eliminating the complexity of manual processes, multiple products and scripts for off-site deduplicated copies, long-term retention, compliance and search.

By choosing to employ single-platform Commvault software with Azure compute and Azure storage, your organization can gain efficiencies, be more agile, open up new ways to search and access information, and ensure that your data is secure in the event of an on-premises failure or disaster.


There are numerous use cases for the Commvault/Microsoft Azure cloud solution. It can help you:

  • Replace costly and failure-prone tape by seamlessly and securely sending retention data to Azure.
  • Consolidate data protection and retention for multi-site or remote offices to dramatically reduce costs associated with expensive on-premises resources.
  • Run fully automated disaster recovery for heterogeneous applications and data (physical or virtual) using the Azure cloud, thereby drastically reducing costs associated with DR while improving DR success rates.
  • Extend your data center into the Azure cloud to provide seamless data management across all data and application types for protection, recovery, retention, archive and search.
  • Migrate data from on-premises infrastructure to Azure.
  • Protect Azure instances through cloud-to-cloud or cloud-to-on-premises backup options.
  • Manage test and development processes seamlessly across hybrid clouds built on Hyper-V® and Azure cloud using a simple, self-service interface for provisioning, versioning and image rollbacks.