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In the race to protect and recover growing volumes of data quickly and efficiently, there’s a mounting demand for “plug and play” solutions that deliver the scalability and flexibility enterprise environments need, at a cost competitive price that are easy to buy. This is the where integrated purpose-built backup appliances (PBBA) can fill the need. Those that have been designed to deliver truly automatic storage configuration, fully integrated advanced features such as deduplication and virtualization support and simple, single-point support can truly deliver exceptional value for your organization’s backup requirements. Yet, not all backup appliances are created equal. To derive the most value from your PBBA selection, follow this buyer’s checklist. It outlines key features to consider for your next PBBA purchase so that you can realize the most value for your backup investment.


When looking at your PBBA options, there are some basic requirements that will ensure that your appliance of choice truly delivers the value and operation you require. Consider these basic points as your baseline:

An appliance should be available as an integrated solution including pre-installed backup software, and server and storage hardware that’s pre-configured and validated for the specific workload, all available in a single package for easy procurement.

Review the backup appliances’ deployment guidance. The most effective appliances can be deployed in a couple of hours to save you valuable IT resources.

A backup appliance, while comprised of multiple technology components, should offer support for both the hardware and software from a single source to save you time and finger-pointing headaches

Select a solution that will not only offer a wide range of usable capacity to support your current and future requirements, but that also makes adding additional capacity easy. The more ‘plug and play’ the solution is, the better, vs. having to reconfigure your environment every time you add capacity.

To accommodate future potential requirements for your backup environment, select one that can be deployed as a single appliance, or that can be combined with other appliances to share a deduplication pool or scale beyond two appliances for large environments. This will ensure a longer life of your appliance.

To conserve valuable IT staff resources and time, select a backup appliance that offers centralized management and reporting via a central, easy to use console. To further reduce complexity, consider a solution that also enables client software deployment across multiple appliances.

As you look at the expected life for your new backup appliance, consider its expandability to support other key features as your environment grows, including support for and integration with snapshot management, archiving, tape out and Search and eDiscovery, all managed from a single console. Selecting a solution with support for these optional features gives you peace of mind knowing that you are ready to support any additional functionality required by your business, further optimizing your total cost of ownership.