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  • Fast-growing managed backup service was hindered by legacy platform that couldn’t scale seamlessly or easily
  • Connectivity challenges in New Zealand prompted the need for a solution with a distributed architecture that would allow centrally managed local backups
  • Requirement to customise service offering necessitated a flexible solution that could be tailored to meet specific customer needs
  • Multi-tenant architecture with charge-back reporting and storage resource management was required for shared-services business module


Commvault software with backup and recovery, embedded deduplication, archive, replication and SnapProtect.


  • Simpana software’s singular platform with distributed functionality accelerated the delivery of managed backup & recovery service while setting the stage for additional value-added services
  • Embedded deduplication reduced bandwidth, storage and administrative costs
  • Integrated, complementary services, including archive and replication, met needs for economical, long-term data retention and improved information governance
  • Enterprise-class data management has facilitated seamless expansion to effectively and efficiently support hundreds of customers, thousands of servers and multiple petabytes of data

Revera, New Zealand’s leading computing infrastructure provider, is known for its innovation in delivering unique services and new approaches to old problems. Founded in 2002, the company specialises in high integrity Homeland computing infrastructure, enterprise storage and data management services.

Since its inception, Revera has focused on building locally-based synchronised data centres and technology platforms to provide readily scalable enterprise computing infrastructure for both public and private sector organisations. As one of three providers selected to work with New Zealand’s government entities, Revera counts New Zealand Police, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, as well as the New Zealand Transport Agency among its customers. Additionally, the company works with a growing list of private sector organisations, including Livestock Improvement Corporation, Quotable Value and a number of law firms that benefit from Revera’s technical leadership and hands-on, local touch.

With Commvault Simpana software, Revera has fueled business expansion, scaling from dozens of customers, several hundred servers in two data centres and multiple terabytes of data to hundreds of customers, thousands of virtual servers across five data centres and multiple petabytes of data—without having to dramatically increase its administrative overhead.

More than 200 organisations take advantage of Revera Homeland Services™, which provide utility computing in the form of Infrastructureas-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), disaster recovery (DR) services and customised managed services offerings. These on-demand computing platforms come with a varied combination of service support or intervention—from the desktop to the infrastructure layer—as dictated by business needs and technology requirements.

According to Robin Cockayne, general manager of business development for Revera, the company’s local focus on IT infrastructure or what it calls the “heart and lungs” of business IT, is what differentiates Revera from its rivals. “We specialise in the technology sets, strategies and methodologies at the infrastructure level, instead of trying to be everything to everybody,” he explains. “We’re also 100-percent locally managed, which means our support really is 24x7x365. Commvault Simpana software is one of our most important tool sets in that it enhances our ability to manage petabytes of data across a shared, multitenant environment, more efficiently and cost effectively.”


Unlike large, multi-national managed service providers with monolithic data centres, Revera has built a fleet of five Type-R interlinked data centres that offer granular control to high-density computing environments. From the beginning, Revera differentiated its services deliberately, starting with easy-to-deploy backup and recovery capabilities. “Our initial aim was to get all of New Zealand’s data inside our data centres, and the obvious place to start was backups, before pulling in production data,” notes Cockayne.