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Simplifying the Move to Snapshots: As application data sizes grow ever larger, more organizations are turning to storage array snapshot technologies to protect and recover their most critical workloads more efficiently and quickly. But managing snapshots, and integrating them with applications for protection and recovery, can be a challenging undertaking, especially when done manually using scripts and multiple disk vendor tools. These challenges confront storage owners, application owners, and IT managers – anyone seeking to optimize snapshot usage – with increased complexity and cost.
Commvault IntelliSnap technology integrates with Hitachi Thin Image Snapshots to simplify and automate protection and recovery tasks so that enterprises may protect and recover critical workloads with the efficiency and speed they demand.


Hitachi Data Systems Thin Image technology allows you take many highly efficient snapshots – 1,024 per volume and 32,000 per array – delivering multiple point-in-time protection copies for rapid, near-instant recovery of data and applications. The resulting disk savings are up to 75% compared to using full-sized clones.

When using Thin Image, the production disk volume is referred to as the P-VOL. Snapshot space is taken from a defined pool of storage called the HTI Pool (for Hitachi Thin Image), and each snapshot is referred to as a  virtual volume, or V-VOL. The following illustration will help you visualize the relationship between these components.

While Thin Image is a powerful technology for protecting and restoring data, it can also be complex and time consuming to implement if you rely on manual processes and the creation of configuration files.