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1 A transformative approach to data classification and archive policy design.
2 Clearly defined and documented archive policies that map to specific corporate goals and accepted by key stakeholders.
3 Confidence that your compliance and archive capabilities meet your current needs with flexibility for growth and improvement.


Explosive data growth, IT complexity, and the cloud are driving many businesses to reevaluate their compliance policies and investigate new strategies for capacity management. How organizations handle this “big data” challenge has become a differentiating factor for corporate competiveness, impacting every industry sector and every business function. Evaluating rapidly evolving technologies and prioritizing a myriad of business, legal, and technical requirements are daunting tasks.

Commvault helps its clients overcome the challenges of independently designing, planning, and building-out archive solutions. Our consultants work with clients in facilitated workshop sessions to develop formal compliance policies, pragmatic archive architectures, and realistic implementation plans.

During the workshop with client stakeholders, Commvault assesses their legacy archive strategies as well as business, compliance, records retention, and eDiscovery requirements. Then, Commvault consultants use these inputs as a foundation for executive level advice that can transform a client’s traditional operation into a standard of archiving excellence. Finally, clients may choose to extend the design engagement into delivery and implementation activities. Here they can leverage the experience of hundreds of trusted Commvault Services professionals to achieve that standard quickly and cost effectively.

Commvault’s comprehensive, customer-centric approach to designing and implementing archive environments brings confidence to our clients because their unique business requirements have been incorporated from the beginning. When a compliance audit or eDiscovery activities are required, our clients can rest assured that any underlying Commvault® software environment will deliver.