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Using archiving products to meet compliance needs and reducing the impact of content growth on primary storage are concerns for all organizations.

This Research Is Designed For:

  • IT professionals involved in evaluating, selecting, and deploying archiving solutions.
  • IT professionals responsible for email platform efficiency and supporting end-user email restoration requests.
  • Compliance managers responsible for eDiscovery of emails and placing legal holds on email.

This Research Will Help You:

  • Determine if you need a third-party archiving product.
  • Build an archive program.
  • Evaluate email archiving vendors and products for your enterprise needs.
  • Determine which products are most appropriate for particular use cases and scenarios, and implement the selected platform.

Info-Tech evaluated 11 competitors in the archiving market, including the following notable performers:


  • OpenText provides a robust archive platform plus a wider set of traditional ECM features.
  • Commvault has one of most balanced products with tools for both eDiscovery and storage management.
  • Global Relay:The holistic communication governance and archive features that Global Relay provides are key for any industry.
  • Gwavaprovides complete archiving and has an email security gateway product.
  • Smarshprovides a flexible solution with highly granular controls


  • Gwava: The most complete product at its price point.

Trend Setter Award:

  • Smarsh:The introduction of the development platform and its simple yet powerful UI put Smarsh ahead of the landscape in design.