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Commvault recently added new enterprise file sync and share capabilities (EFSS) to its Endpoint Data Protection Solution Set. Commvault File Sharing will help end-users securely store, access, and share files from virtually anywhere, at any time, on any device. The EFSS capabilities address not only the burgeoning need for secure file sharing among business end-users so that sensitive data is protected, but also the critical need for organizations to more easily demonstrate compliance with regulatory and government requirements through further securing and protecting those files with an integrated endpoint backup solution. These new capabilities could give Commvault a competitive advantage in the file sharing and collaboration market, where most other offerings lack any means for secure collaboration in combination with an efficient endpoint data protection strategy.


Earlier this year, Commvault announced new file sync and share capabilities, expanding the offerings within its Endpoint Data Protection Solution set. Commvault File Sharing offers the means to enable business users to safely store, access, and share files from virtually anywhere. The vendor is promoting its new file sync and share capabilities, which will provide an alternative, or complement, to existing solutions to ensure that sensitive and business-critical data will not only remain secure, but also in compliance with business and regulatory requirements.

Commvault also announced the availability of Edge Drive, a new feature available within Commvault File Sharing. Edge Drive offers users a virtual folder that acts as a “personal cloud” for real-time sharing across mobile devices, providing secure enterprise-wide access for file sharing and collaboration.

Commvault is offering prospective customers an opportunity to see first-hand how it can help them with the EFSS needs of their organizations. To that end, the vendor is giving away 30-day free trials to its Endpoint Data Protection solution. Those three trial levels include:

  • Showcase Demo (Basic): Customers can view a showcase demo environment and the solution’s features.
  • End-user Capabilities (Intermediate): In addition to viewing the solution’s features, customers can explore end-user capabilities. They can use Commvault’s cloud vault to store their data, download a mobile app, or put an agent on their laptops.
  • Administrator Capabilities (Top): By downloading a copy of the vendor’s software onto their own servers, customers can investigate administration capabilities, as well as features and end-user capabilities—getting a total sense of the full solution.


Commvault’s customer feedback consistently indicated that organizations wanted different entry points and licensing options to meet their needs today—not in the future. To accommodate customer demand, Commvault offers user licensing in a number of iterations. The vendor now sells per-user licensing individually in the areas of endpoint, backup and recovery, and file sharing, and discovery capabilities can also be added. Additionally, the vendor offers one-, three-, and five-year term licenses, as well as perpetual licenses.