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Greenply optimizes SAP HANA investment with Commvault to align IT with business strategy and growth objectives. 


  • Create a completely new IT infrastructure to support business transformation following a demerger
  • Ensure performance and availability of data to enable real-time analytics with SAP HANA
  • Improve recovery objectives with rock-solid business continuity and disaster recovery strategy to minimize downtime and data loss
  • Drive storage, back-up and data management efficiencies to lower cost.


Commvault Data Protection, including OnePass, source side deduplication with DASH copy replication, Virtual Server Protection and Intellisnap


  • Seamless integration with SAP HANA and Cisco UCS provides the ability to protect and recover database copies efficiently and reliably
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery assurance with Intellisnap, and network-efficient replication from the main data centre to the disaster recovery site
  • Reduction of data footprint by almost 50 percent reduces the backup window and lowers storage costs by 40 percent.