Think of a wildfire that quickly spreads as it increases in speed and power. That is what is happening today as data growth increases the volume and management complexity of storage, backup and recovery. Now think of trying to stop that fire with a garden hose. Your traditional backup and recovery process is equally under-equipped to manage and facilitate operations that need more speed, efficiency, scalability and reliability to handle today's 24/7, always-on environment. Here we examine the benefits of moving from a solution comprised of multiple point products to a holistic data protection platform designed to serve today’s enterprise.


The exponential growth of data and related storage is putting even more pressure on IT staffs grappling with too much data to protect. Backup and recovery is becoming increasingly complex, cutting into staff time and budgets and slowing operations. Numerous data consumers are demanding access to information, resulting in multiple data copies. It is time for a new strategy, for an approach that is robust enough to meet today's data and information management challenges, and those of tomorrow.

Modern Data Protection from Commvault®, which has been positioned in the “Leaders” quadrant in Gartner's “Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup Software and Integrated Appliances” report for five years in a row, meets the needs of the seemingly unstoppable data growth by starting with a single platform, rather than point-level products, to unify all data under management. By leveraging multiple data reduction methods along with easy data sharing, Commvault relieves the pressure on storage resources, improves efficiency and lowers overall costs.


Is there an IT manager today who wouldn’t want to simplify the data and information management process? Unfortunately, that can't happen with traditional backup and recovery systems developed in a time before big data. A holistic approach, based on a core platform, creates new efficiencies sorely needed to manage demands – and expectations – for solid data protection. Some of the ways in which Commvault software reduces complexity is
by eliminating manual scripting and processes; automating tasks that discover, deploy, and protect within your environment, and leveraging policy-based data protection and management. And there is the ultimate benefit: less complexity frees you to focus more of your time and resources on your organization's broader business goals.


Another inevitable byproduct of the data explosion is the proliferation of redundant data that has occurred, leading to excessive demands on network, storage and management resources. Simply put, traditional backup systems are not equipped to handle the current volume of data that exists. More modern data protection solutions provide the granularity that is needed to understand and better protect your data, reducing the risk of loss, at the same time increasing efficiency by not wastefully moving data if it doesn’t need to be and not storing the same data twice. Source-based deduplication and Application awareness are the keys. Commvault's in-depth knowledge of applications and file systems gives you the granularity needed for optimal data movement and storage and enabling consistent recovery of your data.