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Commvault enables council partnership to consolidate, unify and virtualise


“No other product offered the breadth of functionality provided by Commvault, and it keeps adding new features. Whatever you’re looking for a data management solution to do, the Commvault solution will do it.” Matloob Hussain, ICT Infrastructure Engineer, Xentrall.



 To standardise ICT from two councils over 80 disparate sites

 Consolidation of large estate and two datacentres into a single datacentre

 Migrating from a physical to a virtual environment

 Daily backups of 40 physical servers across different locations

 Retention of archive data for up to 70 years for compliance purposes

 Over 6,000+ mailboxes to be archived



Following its original migration to the Commvault data platform Xentrall developed its data management capability further by providing VM management, adding enterprise search and archiving resulting in further efficiencies and service improvements. Most recently, Xentrall have implemented an entirely new virtual platform on Commvault’s next generation software. The project scope was across storage, servers, backup target and

Commvault media agent servers, including the migration of 400+ servers across to it. Migrating from 6 year old storage and servers to a new Nimble SAN, Cisco server Commvault media agents and Nexsan backup target, all connected via 10GB iSCSI,  and running the latest version of Commvault’s data platform 



 Backing up 400 VMs and 40 physical servers to disk

 Centralised datacentres with file and email archiving

 Can back up a server in ten minutes

 Solution meets all requirements for both physical and virtual environments

 Savings made on SAN procurement

 De-duplication has provided an additional 40% of available space in two SANs

 Everything is on a single pane of glass

 Migration to the latest release of Commvault software for the entire virtual infrastructure with zero downtime has resulted in a saving of over 24TB of tier 1 disk space

 Backup times have become significantly quicker and archive recall speeds are on a par with accessing un-archived files.