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“When the need arose to change the backup system, we just knew it had to be Commvault given the integration capabilities of their software”.

 Jorge Castillón, RSI Technical Support Manager.

 The Challenge

  •      Backup system which would allow RSI to safeguard and manage all banking customer data
  •      Greater flexibility and control needed, especially for distributed and virtual environment to reduce roll-out and administration time
  •      Requirement to streamline the bank’s backup processes with software that would offer more functionality than existing solution provided, and at a lower cost

 The Solution

  • The Commvault platform has been able to cover all of the backup needs at RSI, and its personnel particularly value the way the software can integrate with all types of environments and brings many advanced features, all of which are managed from a single console.
  • RSI is using many of the features offered by the Commvault platform including Inline Copy, NDMP, application agents, VMware LanFree backup, deduplication, OnDemand Backups , etc.


  •       A major increase in efficiency with significant time savings
  •       Easy management and more efficient monitoring, from a single point
  •       The ease of deploying agents from the console without needing to use Additional software distribution applications
  •       Scalability and integration capacity
  •       The capacity to grow on the front-end without changing the copy policies
  •       A significant decrease in TCO