4 ways Commvault Activate™ improves your ability to know, manage and use your data

As an IT professional, whether your specialization is storage, email, end user computing or databases, you hold the keys to your organization’s kingdom – the data. For you to improve efficiency while lowering the risk to your data, you need these IT disciplines integrated into a collaborative data governance and security program, with technology and processes that are both consolidated and streamlined. Commvault® software makes it easier for IT, cyber-security and analytics teams to proactively manage data demands and ensure that your most critical data sets are protected and secure – wherever they happen to live.

Search, access, manage and serve up relevant data to accelerate business outcomes…

Commvault software provides companies a data governance framework that is integrated with its powerful data protection, compliance retention and information lifecycle management. This flexible solution allows you to address a broad range of business problems — with visibility and control over data on-premises or in the cloud. It also allows you to reduce reliance on niche tools and the disparate data silos these tools create. Let’s look at four ways Commvault Activate can help you to better know, manage and use your data.

1. You don’t need to keep everything

Curate data sets that can be safely disposed of and put data stewards in control of their own data

A logical first step in any optimization initiative is to find and get rid of all the “noise” — all the obsolete data that is driving up your storage costs, degrading performance and clouding the visibility necessary for your compliance, security and business intelligence tasks to work efficiently.

This is more complex than simply finding old, unused files. You need to be able to confidently isolate and dispose of redundant, outdated and trivial data (ROT) while properly retaining compliance-related content and business-critical data. It’s about optimizing performance, accessibility, compliance and security. So, how can you separate the “wheat from the chaff?” Analytics.

Commvault Activate visualizes data and usage attributes across on-premises and cloud systems, looking beyond just simple metadata into the content itself, to enable smart data decisions. It provides insights that allow you to carve out data that can be safely disposed of, while allowing you to apply appropriate retention policies to the data your organization needs to keep.

Built-in and customizable workflows allow you to automate a variety of actions, such as delete and move. This flexible governance framework allows you to integrate with third-party tools and build custom dashboards tailored for various stakeholders and data stewards, so they can make informed data handling decisions.

Data Governance with Commvault Activate

Data Governance with Commvault Activate

30% of your organizations’ data is ROT*. Dispose of it safely.

2. Eliminate data blind spots

What you don’t know about your data, can still impact your business

Unstructured data, email and an increase of remote workers continue to be high-risk blind spots. Commvault Activate indexes both live systems and backups, enabling you to automatically identify and tag sensitive data and across your on-premises and cloud environments.

Being an integrated component of Commvault data protection software, your organization can easily extend data governance to these typically hard to see data set without creating more silos. Actionable reports and customizable workflows allow you to remediate issues right from the dashboard. Furthermore, it delivers a consolidated view and control mechanism for stakeholders across departments to utilize in a collaborative way.

  • Minimize your risk footprint
  • Detect data spillage
  • Automate content-aware retention and disposition policies
  • Accelerate response to data subject requests
  • Continuously assess and remediate your environment
    • Delete
    • Move
    • Refine access controls
    • Archive
    • Customize remediation workflows
Uncontrolled sensitive data propagation is common…
Only 40% of respondents were very confident in knowing exactly where their sensitive data resides. (1)

3. Make ‘readiness’ a reality

Leverage a proactive means of achieving litigation and compliance readiness

Take a unique approach to improving information governance and accelerating your ability to respond to eDiscovery and subject data requests. While the solution enables on-demand collection from live sources, employing proactive, continual data management allows you to achieve a true state of readiness.

Commvault Activate can help you identify potential custodians and other high-risk, high-value data sources. Bringing this data under management allows you to enforce defensible deletion and create a single source of truth for your data. So rather than reactively searching and collecting data system by system, you simply log into the Commvault Command Center™ and have the relevant data at your fingertips.

In addition to facilitating litigation readiness, this proactively managed repository of content can be searched on demand by compliance and legal personnel as another means of accelerating response to data subject requests associated with privacy regulations or to regulatory inquiries, which can have mandatory response windows of mere hours.

84% of surveyed IT organizations improved preventing data theft or breach by 41-60% with Commvault. (2)

4. Accelerate time-to-value data extraction

Avoid the delays, cost and complexity of ‘big data experiments’

Big data projects using traditional approaches are notorious for showing delayed value, often getting bogged down due to technical issues, complexities of data plumbing and availability of skills. These delays lead to loss of stakeholder confidence.

Commvault software is unparalleled when it comes to procuring, managing, replicating, virtualizing and enabling access to data whether real-time, near-time, snapshot or archive.

Further, Commvault software can index and manage data to allow you to leverage your backup environment like a data lake. Finally, Commvault’s rich API set enables you to connect our powerful 4D index into other business intelligence tools such as Tableau or Microsoft Power BI to derive further value from the data.

80% of respondents say that while more than half their data is “dark,”, it is potentially valuable. (3)
Commvault developer tools and API's

  • Get immediate access to archived or near real-time data, without impacting production data
    • Aggregate and index all your critical unstructured data
    • Capture, manage and curate logs with Commvault software
    • Clone and time-slice databases for immediate access with point-and-click ease
  • Rapidly prototype and refine to perfect user experience
  • Discover what you didn’t know and detect anomalies
  • Enhance experience with AI-powered search recommendations and predictions
  • Simplify your architecture and greatly reduce costs

Complete your intelligent data management strategy

Enhance your data management by integrating Commvault Activate with a proven leader and innovator in the backup and recovery market – Commvault Complete™ Data Protection.

Commvault Complete is a single, powerful solution for data protection and recovery – whatever your data is, wherever your data lives. Through automation, an intelligent policy engine and deep integrations into one of the broadest lists of applications, hypervisors, clouds and platforms, you can be confident your data is protected and can be recovered when and where you need it.

Commvault Activate can operate independent of Commvault Complete Data Protection or as part of a combined solution to maximize data management capabilities for your business. Through Activate, you can gain insights to data that isn’t necessarily managed by Commvault to drive analytics and other tasks against those data sources.

Complete your intelligent data management strategy with Commvault Activate


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1 Integris, Data Privacy Maturity Survey (Feb2019)
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3 The State of Dark Data, Splunk, 2019

Commvault Activate

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