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Backup and Recovery for SAP On Oracle Environments

The use of SAP business software has become more and more pervasive in today’s economic environment. Applications like SAP ERP are an essential component for many companies by driving business process automation and efficiency. SAP environments are typically mission-critical, large and complex, making data protection and availability a challenging task.

No matter if SAP enterprise applications run on Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP Sybase ASE, SAP MaxDB or SAP HANA databases, Commvault can provide the right SAP data protection solution while maximizing SAP availability, performance and automation, to make sure that service levels are met at all times.

Commvault software is a data protection and information management platform that integrates with SAP environments. Commvault helps organizations build, protect, and operate SAP environments that can be integrated into private, public, or hybrid cloud environments. Commvault software includes various mechanisms for protecting and managing SAP environments with data lifecycle management. Let’s review some of these highlights now.

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Building on SAP’s Backint for Oracle interface allows for tight integration with SAP BR*Tools along with scheduling and monitoring data protection jobs directly via SAP DB13 and DBACOCKPIT transactions.


Leverage Commvault’s advanced snapshot technology for low impact SAP on Oracle backups and for driving the backup window against zero.


Minimize storage footprint through advanced deduplication and compression technologies. Reduce full backups to once per week with incremental or differential backups and save on secondary storage costs. This allows saving of precious snapshot resources while preserving all Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) benefits.


Dramatically reduce recovery times of multi-terabyte SAP on Oracle deployments by using advanced snapshot- based restores. Flexible SAP on Oracle disaster recovery options through support of high availability setups and storage-based replication technologies.



Create and refresh SAP on Oracle Landscape systems – manually via an easy-to-use GUI dialog or fully automated and policy based.


Script-free SAP on Oracle protection, restore and hardware snapshot management along with the ability to automate disaster recovery tests streamlines daily operations.

As a long-standing and committed SAP Partner, Commvault delivers certified SAP data protection solutions, which can be deployed quickly and seamlessly. The solution is tightly integrated with SAP BR*Tools. All required SAP BR*Tools scripts are generated dynamically at runtime, eliminating the burden of script development and maintenance. Existing BR*Tools scripts can still be used as well as spontaneous backups and restores from command line can be run at any time.


It has never been easier to create renamed SAP database copies or database clones for building and refreshing test and development systems or for quickly provisioning a new test system if the business requests it.


By integrating with Commvault’s leading snapshot technology, called IntelliSnap®, the recovery time of critical SAP systems can be reduced dramatically, allowing you to meet even challenging RTO requirements. Full backups only take minutes to create allowing multiple recovery points per day. Selected snapshots can be mounted on a separate proxy host and copied to tape or disk for redundancy or long term retention – automated and without any SAP application impact.


Intelligent, threshold-based SAP archive log management eliminates the risk of SAP downtime caused by ‘archiver stuck’ conditions.

Creating deduplicated redundant backup copies allows for disaster recovery preparation. Disaster recovery tests can be automated to run periodically to make sure that disaster recovery plans always work when they are needed.


  • Leverage full automation of SAP data restore and recovery processes, including full and point-in-time recovery.
  • Restore granularity from full database to tablespace, and down to a single data file, control file or archive log.
  • Easy-to-use solution which empowers the backup admin to take over routine SAP data protection and recovery tasks.
  • Monitor status and progress of running SAP backup and restore jobs via GUI-linked BR*Tools detail file.
  • Script-free SAP protection and hardware snapshots takes away the scripting burden from SAP and storage administrator and minimizes chance of human error.
  • Support for mixed mode SAP backups where the database is snapped and archive logs are backed up traditionally. This saves precious snapshot resources while preserving all RTO and RPO benefits.
  • Support for backups and restores in Oracle RMAN mode, allowing for incremental backups.
  • Ability to verify backups using SAP BR*Tools or Oracle RMAN functionality.
  • Built-in support for consolidating database backups and archive logs on a single medium for enabling long retention backups.

Case Study: Greenply Industries Limited1

Greenply Industries Limited looked to Commvault to provide data protection and disaster recovery of its new environment of SAP, VMware and Cisco. Discover how they were able to gain benefits from their investment in Commvault in this case study.

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SAP on Oracle deployments have several challenges; availability, performance, compliance, DevOps, and SAP on Oracle service management. To address these challenges, organizations have been inundated with a long list of point-products to manage their SAP data. However, to maximize the success of SAP deployments, businesses need a unified platform that is integrated with SAP on Oracle software to protect, manage, and archive all SAP data – regardless of where it lives.

Commvault software provides a unified platform to solve SAP on Oracle application availability, performance, and automate landscape management. Together, SAP on Oracle and Commvault remove operational complexities in your business to create new revenue streams and bring profitable ideas to market better.

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Commvault helps you meet expectations while managing complexity and controlling costs thanks to full-spectrum SAP backup, recovery and archiving.