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CURAit Delivers Flexibility for Customers With Streamlined Service Offerings From the Commvault Software


  • Limited capabilities to truly empower their customers to maximize the value of their data high infrastructure costs due to using multiple vendors to power multiple service offerings
  • Difficulty delivering a flexible, contract pricing model
  • High infrastructure cost due to using multiple vendors to power multiple service offering


    Commvault software (Multiple solutions as a service: Remote Backup, Infrastructure, Disaster Recovery, Migration, Office 365 Backup)


  • Single data management interface for self-service, search, and eDiscovery features enables data for practical use by customers to extract business value
  • Multiple service offerings delivered through a single platform reduces complexity and cost
  • Standardized out-of-the-box service plans that map to a majority of customers’ data protection needs and price points.
Case Study Global Manufacturer

Industry: IT Service Provider

Headquarters: Albertslund, Denmark

When CEO Martin Phillip Maleschyn co-founded CURAit in 2009, he and his partners recognized a transition in the IT service market toward offering cloud services. Because cloud was a new technology trend at the time, foundational designs and operational processes and procedures could not be found to formulate onsite operations, let alone a managed service offering. As IT consultants, the CURAit founders recognized that many managed service providers (MSP) within the market struggled to offer cloud-managed services as a concept. With their vast knowledge of current and emerging technologies, they were able to design and deliver industry-leading on-prem and cloud managed services. With steady growth since its conception, CURAit currently offers its customers managed hybrid IT services, including backup, disaster recovery (DR), migration, endpoint protection, Office 365 support, and compliance.

Supporting these services, CURAit also offers multiple price points to satisfy a broader range of clients’ needs and maturity. Maleschyn notes that this model allows customers to “start small, think big,” as customers can easily add any service and/or upgrade to a greater tier as their business grows.

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Maximizing Potential with Data

CURAit identified a shift in the market in which offering backup for customers was not enough. Instead, the organization substantiated a need to provide customers with options that would enable their data for greater use.

Commvault’s eDiscovery and search features are “key differentiators,” according to Maleschyn, especially in terms of compliance. “We actually have some customers that have been able to find data they are looking for and report it back to the end-user from a compliance perspective.”

CURAit also relies on Commvault software to deliver multi-tenant self-service functionality to customers. “Many of the products that we turned down didn’t even have a self-service portal,” according to Maleschyn. Thanks to this capability, CURAit can provide its customers with instant access to their data in an easy-to-use interface. This capability is paramount for both CURAit and its customers, as it introduced efficiencies by eliminating delays encountered when processing requests without requiring any heavy investments in custom development.

One Capable and Reliable Platform

Previously, CURAit relied on several disparate vendors to deliver its multiple service offerings to customers. Not only was this difficult to manage, but it was also costly. As a result, CURAit re-examined the technology ecosystem for other venders that could support a MSP’s technical delivery model. It envisioned that enabling customers to do more with their data would serve as an additional value proposition, and therefore serve the organization from a business perspective.

CURAit turned to Commvault software due to its unique ability to deliver multiple services from a single platform. Not only did Commvault deliver the service offerings that gave them an edge in the market—it also provided technical benefits and overall operational efficiency.

Prior to Commvault, CURAit relied on five vendors to deliver services such as backup, cloud, DR, migration, and Office 365 protection. In changing vendors, the organization was able to reduce the amount of products used, therefore reducing infrastructure, and ultimately reducing cost.

In terms of vendor management efficiency, Maleshcyn describes the benefit of Commvault’s single platform as reduction in terms of “licensing, power, cooling, and hardware.”

“There is no other software on the market—and believe me, we had looked many places—that uses one platform, one single point of entry for service providers to control and manage the infrastructure of both endpoint servers and Office 365 and everything in between,” Maleschyn asserts.

As a result, CURAit now relies on Commvault software to power its multiple service offerings, reducing complexity, shortening time to market, and simplifying its day-to-day operations.

Empowering Customers Through Flexibility

In striving to offer flexibility to its customers, CURAit realized that it also needed flexibility from its service vendors. Commvault’s flexible pricing and licensing model allows the company the ability to create and deliver services to meet unique client needs for maturity levels. For example, utility-only licensing enables CURAit to offer flexible licensing to its customers while also reducing business complexity.

Because CURAit offers service licensing contract-free, it can avoid many of the hurdles associated with long-term contracts. While this accommodates growing businesses as they require additional IT needs, the flexible licensing model is also a testament to quality. CURAit’s customers are not locked in, so they can be sure that they can constantly receive services that are uniquely tailored to their needs. “We know that we can deliver solutions that will suit our customers’ needs,” states Maleschyn.

“There is no other software on the market—and believe me, we had looked many places—that uses one platform, one single point of entry for service providers to control and manage the infrastructure of both endpoint servers and Office 365 and everything in between.”

Martin Phillip Maleschyn

This empowerment extends into the self-service functionality as well, with clients gaining insights into their subscriptions, and the ability to self-administer their operational needs through subscription management.

Though CURAit is a trusted Service Provider for its customers, this flexibility empowers customers to better understand and work with their data.

Looking Forward

With Commvault software, not only does CURAit have the tools required to meet and exceed its customers’ needs and expectations, but the organization is also well-equipped to meet its goals for the future.

Commvault software is capable of supporting any new service deliverable requirements. Because of this, CURAit can be assured that it can continue to grow by offering new services to match market demands.

Moving forward, CURAit has laid down the foundation for a service roadmap with Commvault that will have the companies work together with the goal of delivering data-mining and analytical capabilities to help customers continue unlocking the power of data.

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