Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank cuts administrative time by 80% and upgrades security

A centralized data protection solution helps the Turkish Bank streamline backup and recovery and positions the enterprise for faster growth with Commvault


  • Needed a single backup software to simplify management of critical data across core banking applications and more than 500 virtual machines
  • Wanted to spend less time troubleshooting data issues
  • Wanted to create more consistent snap


  • Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery
  • Integration of workflow with Commvault platform


  • 80% reduction in weekly time spent on backup administrative tasks
  • Easier and faster troubleshooting with integrated Commvault workflows
  • Installation completed in just one week, compared to months with competing vendors
  • Eliminated the dependency on hardware vendors by gaining the flexibility to use any disk for backup
  • Greater ease in managing scripts and creating consistent snap




Kocaeli, Turkey



In numbers

  • 6,000 employees
  • 440 branches
  • More than 2 PB data across backup sites

Key assets protected

  • Core banking applications
  • Oracle Database
  • Exchange Data Availability Group (DAG)
  • Microsoft SQL clients
  • 500-plus VMware virtual machines
  • Hyper-V hypervisor

The backup environment

  • Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery
  • General storage arrays

Evaluating backup software with key criteria

As the largest Islamic bank in Turkey, Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank (Kuveyt Türk)―a subsidiary of the larger Kuwait Finance House (KFH)―is the 11th largest bank in Turkey. In addition to a range of financial services, Kuveyt Turk sells its own core banking software.

When bank leadership wanted to grow the bank into the Top 10, it had to improve the operational efficiency of its backups and ensure it could defend against cybersecurity threats like ransomware attacks. Kuveyt Türk also wanted to develop new software that could fuel growth, which meant backup and security technology that could adapt as it innovated.

We looked at EMC Networker and Veritas NetBackup, but Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery was easier to operate, easier to troubleshoot and it gave us the flexibility to use any disk for back up without tying us to a specific hardware vendor. Commvault was the only solution that gave us all these advantages.

-Ali Yazici, IT Service Manager, Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank

Seeking solutions

With more than 500 virtual machines and 2 PB of data stored on disk arrays, Kuveyt Türk wanted to simplify maintenance and administration of backups and free staff to focus on initiatives that support business growth. The bank’s IT team tested Microsoft SQL Always On with three different vendors. It compared products based on administrative ease, time saving, cost and security.

“We looked at EMC Networker and Veritas NetBackup,” says Kuveyt Türk IT Service Manager Ali Yazici. “But Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery was easier to operate and troubleshoot, and it gave us flexibility to use any disk for back up without tying us to a specific hardware vendor. Commvault was the only solution offering all these advantages.”

Commvault scored highest in terms of pricing, SQL backups and restore, reporting, hardware requirements and disk-to-disk replication.

Eighty percent less time on backup administration

Right away, Yazici was impressed by the power of the Commvault comprehensive reporting dashboard. “Monitoring and fixing backup errors used to take two hours a day. Now it takes two hours a week,” Yazici says.

With Commvault, the IT team spent 80% less time on backup administration. The Commvault IntelliSnap® feature made scripts distributed across multiple servers easy to find and manage—yet access to scripts can be limited and passwords encrypted for extra security.

“I’ve worked with three other enterprise backup systems, but Commvault is the only vendor with integrated workflow,” Yazici says. “That was an unexpected benefit.”

Yazici appreciated that Commvault took only a week to get up and running, compared to months from competing products.

Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery

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