Morrison Hershfield
Cuts 90% of Backup Management with Commvault and Metallic

Engineering firm covers cloud workloads with a 4X deduplication rate.


  • Backing up a large volume of unstructured, disparate data, including engineering files that must be kept indefinitely
  • The need to protect cloud data across Microsoft 365 and Azure


  • Relies on Commvault Complete™ Data Protection for automated backup and recovery of on-premise data
  • Optimizes backups and recovery for cloud and SaaS workloads with Metallic® SaaS Backup & Recovery from Commvault


  • Cut 90% of backup management time with the move to Commvault
  • Gained a 4X deduplication rate and associated 4X cost-savings
  • Doubled in size with no added backup management time
  • Trusts Commvault to protect 20- year-old data
  • Ranks Commvault support as outstanding




Markham, ON, Canada


In Numbers

  • Employees: 1,000 across 24 locations

Key Assets Protected

  • Protecting 1.6PB of data, including a large volume of engineering drawings and image files
  • Backing up Microsoft 365, SQL, and Azure
  • Replicating between data centers and Microsoft Azure

“With the ability to back up cloud data sources and a lot of disparate sources, Commvault’s ahead of the game. There’s no backup solution I would rather use.”

– Robert Welsford, IT Manager, Morrison Hershfield

Protecting 1.6PB of Largely Unstructured Data

In his two decades at Morrison Hershfield, Robert Welsford has overseen frequent change and evolution from the days of tape backup to their more recent cloud migration. Throughout it all, protecting the firm’s large volume of engineering plans and images – much of it unstructured data – has been paramount.

The Ontario-based firm must retain project files for the life of those structures, which include everything from innovative bridges to world-class data centers.

When it was time to replace its tape-based system with digital media, Morrison Hershfield chose Commvault Complete™ Data Protection and immediately dropped backup management time by about 90 percent.

And when the firm planned to extend coverage to cloud data, the ability to protect data across Microsoft 365 and Azure was critical.

4X Deduplication Rate = 4X the Cost-Savings

A Single Solution for Cloud, Disparate Data

Over the years, Morrison Hershfield has regularly re-evaluated its data protection strategy and repeatedly chosen Commvault. For example, when considering options a few years ago, Cohesity and Rubrik didn’t cover Microsoft Exchange. Meanwhile, Dell EMC Data Domain lacked the deduplication levels the company had come to expect, confirming the choice of Commvault.

“Commvault’s Exchange agent has been a staple for us, and it’s done it very well over the years, as well as handling our large amount of unstructured data,” Welsford said.

More recently, Morrison Hershfield chose Metallic SaaS Backup & Recovery from Commvault to expand coverage to cloud data, including Azure and Microsoft 365. Metallic provides comprehensive coverage across on-premises, cloud, and SaaS workloads with automated backups and flexible recovery.

The combination of Commvault Complete™ Data Protection plus Metallic enables the firm to protect and manage their unstructured data, alongside Microsoft 365 and Azure in a single place. It not only supports a broad set of workloads, but the team can manage on-premises and cloud data concurrently.

From the outset, managing Metallic was even easier than anticipated.

“Setting up Metallic was dead simple,” Welsford says. “It’s a wizard-driven interface, and I had everything set up in a total of two hours.”

Likewise, Metallic simplified the migration of Exchange to the cloud. With Metallic now covering cloud applications, Welsford and the team manage continuous data replication with a single platform.

“With Commvault, it’s just one platform,” he said. “I don’t have to go to a different interface to manage storage, schedules, or securities. Removing that complexity brings a whole lot of cost reduction for us.”

The firm gained even greater efficiency, more recovery points, and faster run times for backups, along with immeasurable confidence that their data is protected.

“It’s given me peace of mind to have a cloud-to-cloud backup solution with Metallic,” Welsford added. “With the ability to back up cloud data sources and a lot of disparate sources, Commvault’s ahead of the game. There’s no backup solution I would rather use.”

Support Like No Other

Morrison Hershfield has repeatedly chosen Commvault and thus has continuously found new efficiencies, reliability, and cost-savings. Most importantly, Welsford can trust that backups will work.

“With Commvault, inadvertently deleted files have zero impact on the business, our users, or our customers,” Welsford said. “We quickly recover files, and people are pleased that restores occur.”

Commvault eliminates the complexity of managing servers and storage, which saves staffing. In fact, as the firm doubled in size, backup management time remained steady at no more than 20 hours a year. As well, deduplication with Commvault shrinks 1.6PB of data down to just 400TB for a 4X data reduction that keeps costs down.

“Without deduplication, we would have to spend four times more for a refresh,” Welsford said.

On top of the benefits of the solution, Welsford has come to count on Commvault’s support for frequently changing Microsoft APIs and other needs.

“Hands down, Commvault has an incredible support team. I can’t say enough about every single person talked to,” Welsford added.

The firm doubled in size, while backup management time remained steady


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