PaceCloud supports business growth with Commvault cloud data protection

Bangladeshi cloud service provider leverages Commvault and Cisco technology to support multi-cloud environments


  • Find a solution capable of delivering reliable backup as a service (BaaS) to business customers
  • Support and simplify the backup of a broad range of applications, databases, virtual machines and systems to multiple data centers
  • Protect multi-cloud environments across different countries


  • Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery provides protection for up to 40 terabytes of internal and customer data
  • Integration with Cisco CloudCenter and Cisco HyperFlex
  • Commvault provides the scalability, data support and backup orchestration needed to offer public cloud services


  • Gains a highly flexible and interoperable infrastructure to underpin the delivery of new products and services via the cloud
  • Improves customer satisfaction by ensuring the availability of data across multi-cloud environments
  • Supports business growth and expansion into new markets
  • Boosts competitive advantage
  • Empowers customers to ensure business continuity


Cloud services


Dhaka, Bangladesh


In numbers

  • 4 data centres for public cloud projects in Dhaka, Kaliakoir, Singapore and Los Angeles
  • 100-plus employees
  • 5 terabytes of data

The backup environment

  • Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery
  • Cisco CloudCenter
  • Cisco HyperFle

Key assets protected

  • 700-plus VMware vSphere for Cisco multi-cloud management
  • Oracle Database
  • Customer data, applications, databases and systems

Protecting multi-cloud environments and improving customer satisfaction

Royal Green Limited has a strong reputation as a provider of IT, networking and Internet services for businesses in Bangladesh. But like many similar IT companies, Royal Green is looking to the cloud for growth, and recently launched its PaceCloud brand to manage its public cloud projects across different countries.

“Moving to the cloud is not without risk. Customers such as financial institutions need 99% uptime: any significant outage means lost money. And if we are at fault, our revenue and reputation could also be impacted,” says PaceCloud Chief Technology Officer Chowdhury Qamrul Huda.

With such high stakes, PaceCloud needs to ensure its infrastructure – which has the capacity to host up to 20,000 virtual machines – is protected. The company currently operates around 700 VMs running on Cisco HyperFlex, which host management systems as well as customer proof of concepts. To address this challenge, the company selected Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery and Cisco cloud infrastructure products, including HyperFlex (hyperconverged systems) and the CloudCenter multi-cloud management tool.

“Delivering exceptional customer satisfaction is our first priority. By seamlessly integrating Commvault solutions with Cisco cloud products, we now have a highly flexible and interoperable infrastructure to underpin the delivery of our cloud services now and in the future,” Huda explains.

Delivering exceptional customer satisfaction is our first priority. By seamlessly integrating Commvault solutions with Cisco cloud products, we now have a highly flexible and interoperable infrastructure to underpin the delivery of our cloud services now and in the future.

–Chowdhury Qamrul Huda, Chief Technology Officer, PaceCloud

Ensuring availability of customer data in the cloud

The Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution is part of the PaceCloud transformation to become a cloud service provider. But the company first needed to transform its own backup processes. “Our previous system lacked the functionality we needed to ensure all our data was protected,” says Huda. “This once resulted in a corrupted database, which cost us many hours in lost productivity.”

With the Commvault solution, PaceCloud can reliably back up its internal data – such as office VM data backups – the multi-cloud environments and BaaS customer data. It also helped customers to perform customized backups in the cloud and to improve business continuity.

“We selected the Commvault solution because of its ability to back up a huge range of applications, databases, systems and virtual machines, which is a real differentiator in the market,” explains Huda. “This empowered us to offer BaaS solutions to our customers and support future growth.”

Cloud transformation drives growth

Commvault is playing an important role in PaceCloud’s cloud transformation. The company now has two data centers in Bangladesh, one in Singapore and another in Los Angeles – and it has plans to add more data centers to its network.

“We invested heavily in data centers and technologies that would enable us to become a public cloud provider,” says Huda. “We are using these cloud services to expand into new markets, including Southeast Asia and North America.”

By partnering with two technology leaders: Commvault and Cisco, PaceCloud can provide the redundancy required for delivering BaaS solution to customers.

“If a customer is in Motijheel Thana (Dhaka’s business district), they will have the peace of mind of knowing their data is backed up in two Bangladeshi data centers 600 kilometres away from each other,” says Huda. “We expect our storage requirements will jump from 5 terabytes to 40 terabytes over the medium term, so we are confident that Commvault can also provide the scalability that we need for our growing volume of data.”

Another big advantage was the orchestration portal. “Our customers can easily set up and monitor their own backup processes and manage recovery via the Commvault Command Center™,” he explains.

PaceCloud now has the foundations it needs to deliver BaaS and other cloud services to customers around the globe, improving its competitive advantage. While the cloud is the key to the company’s expansion plans, it’s also an important play in the local market.

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