Modernizing defense company’s endpoint backup with Metallic™


  • Backing up endpoints (laptops) that run on Windows, Linux or Macintosh
  • Protecting data on endpoints at various locations
  • Reducing costs of backup and recovery
  • Moving from on-premises to cloud backup


  • Endpoint protection with AES-256 encryption met stringent security requirements
  • A single solution for Windows, Linux and Macintosh, avoiding multiple applications
  • “Set it and forget it” and ease of use reduced administrative time managing backups
  • Enterprise-level capabilities to support future expansion


  • Support of Windows, Linux and Macintosh meant only one solution was needed
  • Endpoint performance remained unaffected
  • Administrative time spent on backup significantly dropped
  • Administrative and hardware costs were saved by moving from on-premises to SaaS
  • Devices are protected whether connected to our network, or any internet connection

In numbers

  • 15 minutes initial deployment time for Metallic
  • 10/10 rating Parsons assigned to Metallic1

About Parsons

Founded in 1944 and based in Centreville, Virginia, Parsons is a leading provider of technology-driven solutions in the defense, intelligence and critical infrastructure markets. This publicly traded company provides technical design and engineering services and software to solve complex technical challenges in cybersecurity, military training and other areas. Parsons needed endpoint backup that could work with Linux and Macintosh, and its current solution did not support those operating systems. With dozens of offices spread across the country and the globe, it also needed the backup solution to work from different locations with equal efficacy. To keep time savings high, it preferred a low touch, easy-to-install software that didn’t require a lot of administrative management.

For me, [Metallic] works great and it does exactly what it says it does. I love having it.

–Benjamin Roper, Enterprise Backup and Recovery Specialist

The solution

Parsons had been using PC Backup for years, but had to make a hard switch when Linux and Macintosh support became necessary. It quickly discovered that Metallic Endpoint Backup & Recovery met all its requirements – and then some. Not only did Metallic support Windows, Linux and Macintosh, but it also proved to be “amazingly affordable.” The streamlined shift to SaaS resulted in additional hardware cost savings and gave it the low-complexity admin approach it desired as well.

For Parsons, the simplicity of SaaS turned out to be a major factor, with initial deployment of Metallic only taking 10 to 15 minutes. Once deployed, it remained easy to use and maintain, and “runs with no issues.” Beyond all this, Parsons also found that since Metallic ran smoothly in the background, endpoint performance was not adversely impacted. The knowledgeable, responsive Commvault technical support team made the whole experience remarkable, and Parsons can enjoy the fact that Metallic can scale to enterprise levels for ease of future expansion.

The result

Metallic provided strong and comprehensive endpoint protection without impacting existing device performance. It included the operating system support Parsons needed, covering Windows, Linux and Macintosh while giving the company the flexibility of cloud storage.

Benjamin Roper, Enterprise Backup and Recovery Specialist, and his team also spent less time managing Metallic because of the “set it and forget it” design and ease of maintenance.

“It runs in the background and it’s something that you install and then forget about.”

When asked about the ROI for Metallic, Benjamin said, “For me, it works great and it does exactly what it says it does. I love having it.”


Metallic Endpoint Backup & Recovery delivers proven data protection with the simplicity of SaaS. Built on industry-leading Commvault technology, Metallic enables compliance and recoverability from deletion, corruption, or ransomware attack. With unlimited storage included, Metallic offers comprehensive coverage to complement your investment.


  1. RoperEnterprise Backup and Recovery Specialist