RADWIN automates backups for multiple workloads with Commvault®

Israeli telecom service provider improves data management efficiency and cut maintenance overhead


  • Difficult to operate Veritas Backup Exec and maintain backup copies with tapes
  • Needed a data protection solution to support various types of workloads including virtual machines, Salesforce applications, and cloud service


  • Deployed Commvault Backup & Recovery with NetApp storage for local backup
  • Commvault partner We Ankor assisted with the integration of Commvault and its S3 cloud service to support long-term data retention

Telecommunications | Israel

50% reduction in backup time

Slashed maintenance overhead by seamlessly integrating Commvault with S3 cloud instead of using tapes

Gained a single, reliable solution to automatically back up data from multiple sources instead of using tapes and Backup Exec.

Met the business requirements to support both short-term and long-term backup policies

“We are very satisfied with the support from We Ankor.  Our transition to Commvault was easy and pain free.”

– Aviel Dahan | IT Manager, RADWIN

“We chose Commvault over Veritas Backup Exec because of its manageability and compatibility with a diverse range of workloads, including Salesforce and cloud.”

– Aviel Dahan | IT Manager, RADWIN