RSI transforms data governance for millions of customers with Commvault Hyperscale Software

Spanish company accelerates data recovery times by 36 times and
safeguards business continuity with greater scalability and more
available customer information


  • Consolidate RSI’s data governance project
  • Safeguard critical customer information and ensure business continuity
  • Accelerate backup and recovery times for growing data volumes


  • Commvault Complete™ Backup and Recovery for all of the backup needs and RSI personnel value its integration with all types of environments
  • Commvault Hyperscale™ Software provides greater scalability, enabling RSI to protect data from simultaneous backups at two sites
  • Commvault IntelliSnap® technology for point-in-time snapshots for accelerated data recovery


  • 4.5TB of backup data transferred per hour
  • 36 times improvement in recovery time for 2TB of data from six hours to 10 minutes
  • Greater availability and scalability for customer information
  • Enhanced data governance and supported future growth




Madrid, Spain


In numbers

  • 33 years of experience
  • 8 million-plus customers
  • 5,000 million transactions per year on average
  • 300 TB front-end data
  • 1.7 PB back-end data

Key assets protected

  • VMware virtual machines
  • Linux servers
  • Huawei NAS
  • Oracle, Notes and MySQL databases
  • Microsoft Exchange

Protecting growing volume of data

As part of Caja Rural Group, Rural Servicios Informáticos (RSI) manages the automation of information associated with rural savings banks, which comprises around 45 entities and more than 3,500 offices. With more than three decades of experience in Spanish banking, RSI now offers services to over eight million customers, who make an average of 5,000 million transactions each year.

Explosive growth has been a catalyst for establishing a management framework for the lifecycle of customer and company data.

“We develop and deliver important banking solutions and services to our customers, and it’s vital that information is protected 24/7. Our data governance project constitutes the first step in our commitment to achieve this goal,” explains Marián Moro Garrido, Head of Storage Management Department at RSI.

With around 1.7 petabytes of back-end data, RSI needed a new approach to storing backup files.

“We were using virtual and physical tape libraries, which could no longer meet our availability, scalability and security needs,” says Moro.

“With Commvault Hyperscale Software, our two data centers can act as a backup for each other without any impact on backup performance or network traffic. This has already delivered greater scalability and availability for critical customer information.”

— Marián Moro Garrido, Head of Storage Management Department, RSI

Dual backup copies transform disaster recovery

RSI operates two data processing centers in Madrid. Before implementing Commvault Hyperscale™ Software, RSI had to shut down the business if it needed to use the secondary center. To support its data governance goals and future growth, RSI deployed Commvault Hyperscale™ Software to provide a cloud-like infrastructure for scale-out secondary storage on-premises.

“With Commvault Hyperscale Software, our two data centers can act as a backup for each other without any impact on backup performance or network traffic. This has already delivered greater scalability and availability for our critical customer information,” explains Moro. “With deduplication, our network can now process 4.5 terabytes of backup data per hour.

“Furthermore, we can now run backups for six servers at each data processing center simultaneously and store dual copies. Commvault Hyperscale™ Software has eliminated any concerns about disaster recovery.”

Achieving greater scalability, resiliency and availability

By combining Commvault Hyperscale™ Software with Commvault IntelliSnap® technology, RSI can quickly recover two terabytes of critical data in just 10 minutes instead of six hours. With around 300 terabytes of front-end data – an increase of 20% compared with 2018 – rapid recovery times will be essential to maintaining the bank’s data governance standards in the future.

“We deployed Commvault Hyperscale™ Software without any disruption to the business. It provides us with cloud-like scalability, resiliency and availability, and enabled us to deliver our data governance project,” explains Moro. “Commvault will enable us to extract greater competitive advantage from our data in the future.”

RSI is now exploring how it can balance cloud adoption with its data governance and compliance commitments – especially in relation to GDPR. It’s also looking at providing backup capabilities for customers’ mobile devices.

“Commvault opens up a lot of new opportunities for us,” says Moro. “It has already improved and simplified regulatory compliance and we are testing Microsoft Office 365 for email in the cloud with Commvault Hyperscale™ Software potentially supporting our backup needs.”

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