Data management. Done differently.

Enterprises are struggling to manage significant data challenges. There is a rapidly growing volume of data, pressure to perform rapid recovery of data in the event of a cyberattack or natural disaster, and the execution of day-to-day service delivery requests from the enterprise.

It’s a world where data volume is exploding. At the same time, organizations rely even more on data to drive the business. Customer service, patient care and financial decisions all rely on data – accessible data – for the best decisions and competitive advantage.

It’s a world where data volume is exploding. At the same time, organizations rely even more on data to drive the business. Customer service, patient care and financial decisions all rely on data – accessible data – for the best decisions and competitive advantage.

Today data management needs to be aligned with the daily infrastructure and operations strategy for every business. A modern, smart IT data strategy that supports business goals helps your entire organization be more successful.

“Data is the heart of our business operations. It is critical in our mission to provide clients with high-quality services and commitment to their long-term success.”

Praveen Raveendran, Global Head IS Infrastructure Team, UST Global

Data management as a critical business function

Commvault enables progressive enterprises to rethink data management across the organization. With Commvault, you have the advantage of a single, converged data management solution that brings a simple, smart approach to hybrid IT.

Now you can know, move, manage, recover and use your organization’s most critical asset — your data — in exciting new ways. With a flexible, yet comprehensive data management platform, you can quickly deliver actionable insights from data stored across your IT infrastructure. Empowering progressive enterprises to redefine backup and recovery, Commvault helps to reduce your risk profile while improving your service delivery.

“By replacing our legacy data management hardware with an agile, scale-out solution, we are confident we can get the simplicity and performance we need to continue our digital transformation.”

Jon Walton, CIO, County of San Mateo1

Only Commvault gives you the advantage to protect, manage and access a broad range of data types across primary infrastructure, cloud and secondary storage locations.

With Commvault you can quickly test a new customer application, support a new overseas office, and have the confidence to protect your organization from a ransomware attack.

The Commvault Advantage portfolio includes the tools and services you need to manage data differently, and better.

  • The world’s most complete backup and recovery solution
  • Scale-out secondary storage infrastructure to bring cloud-like benefits on-premises
  • Orchestration and automation tools to move and migrate data where it can be most effective
  • Search and governance tools to activate data in new ways

The Commvault advantage:

Revolutionary converged data management solution that refines what backup and recovery means for the progressive enterprise.

Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery Commvault HyperScale™ Commvault Orchestrate™ Commvault Activate™
Backup and recovery features:InfrastructureService deliveryData governance
Complete backup & recovery – all file, app, VMOn-premises scale-out backup and recovery – delivered as a converged Commvault appliance or through our trusted network of partners.Provision, sync and validate data across environments for important IT needs. Simplify disaster recovery, development and testing, plus workload migration.Extract data insights for better data governance and business outcomes.
File/VM archiving
Endpoint data protection
Mailbox protection
DR – failover/failback/conversion
Hardware snapshot management
Replication & VM live sync
Backup operational reporting
Enterprise tape management and tracking
File sharing

Commvault is different. Now you have the advantage of comprehensive data protection and management capabilities including data backup, recovery, management and eDiscovery, tightly integrated with today’s leading cloud and hardware providers.

Commvault provides a comprehensive data management solution across files, applications, databases, hypervisors and clouds.

Modern IT Teams NeedsCommvault Gives YouYour Advantage
Complete enterprise protection A complete data management platform for backup, recovery, archiving, operational reporting, and hardware snapshot management.A single view of data management across IT infrastructure. Remove point systems, streamline staff training and save work time.
Hybrid IT controlFlexibility to make your multi-cloud strategy a true extension of your data center. Data management for any storage location, all from one platform.Freedom to move, manage and use data where it is needed. Quickly migrate to cloud, replace hardware and discover cost-saving storage options.
Risk reductionClearly report what data you have, where it is stored, its age and associated policies. Report status, automatically archive and use artificial intelligence to detect anomalies.Manage compliance with information governance policies. Let machine learning detect and stop attacks on your data. Employ an intelligent line of defense across data storage.
Recovery confidenceRapid recovery of data, applications, virtual machines and workloads. Quickly and confidently recover from cloud or on-premises storage, in usable formats and with a complete management view.Validation you have fast, scalable recovery options and can meet SLAs. Keep the business running during natural disaster, ransomware attack or cloud outage.
Service delivery automationIntegration with ITSM to streamline IT operations. Align data jobs with onboarding, incidents and the complex change control processes.Improve service to the organization, shorten ticket windows and provide data when needed. Maximize IT staff time through automation.

Gain the Commvault Advantage: Data management for today’s organization

Modern organizations use technology to more quickly deliver goods and services to customers. Data drives that success – and the IT teams of today are delivering data faster than ever before.

With Commvault, you can have speed, confidence and flexibility for changing business demands. Learn more about managing data differently with Commvault. Gain the Commvault advantage – comprehensive data protection that aligns with your cloud and on-premises data storage, ITSM solutions and established data governance and compliance procedures.

Successful organizations can know, move, manage, recover and use data, Commvault makes it possible. Find out why no other data management product in the market provides the breadth and depth of coverage in their core offering. Visit for customer insights, whitepapers, videos, demos and more useful information.


  1. The County of San Mateo Selects Commvault HyperScale™ Appliances to Simplify Hybrid Cloud Data Management