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Commvault and Pure Storage for Healthcare

High Performance Data Protection and Storage to Power Data-Driven Healthcare

The data-driven healthcare era is here, and healthcare providers are under growing pressure to do more with the data they manage. IT is now a strategic element in the organization, tasked with facilitating innovation under new business models and driving improvements to the patient experience. Here's how Commvault and Pure Storage can help you tackle your top-of-mind challenges.

EHR Data Protection and Storage

The EHR and its data are the lifeblood of the provider organization, and must be both secured against the threat of cyberattacks and available to the clinicians that rely on it to provide patient care.

With Commvault® EHR Data Protection — developed to work seamlessly with leading Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) providers like Epic and MEDITECH — you'll have a fast, simple, and comprehensive solution that's purpose-built to help you protect your critical patient data. With the help of one-button restores, you'll be able to protect against ransomware and other cyber threats. You'll break down data silos and make it easier to cost-effectively deploy innovative clinical data management strategies. And you'll run the backup process more efficiently, helping to minimize EHR system downtime and data disruption.

Pure Storage solutions help deliver fast, available, and scalable EHRs. Our customers enjoy consistent clinical-grade performance and resiliency alongside built-in data reduction, data-at-rest encryption, and QoS, with no performance impact. Scale as needed, without disruption. So forget big, complicated designs and endless tuning — this storage just works.

Commvault and Pure Storage

Together, Commvault and Pure Storage offer an integrated, high-performance solution to help you manage and store data across your entire organization — and contribute to the delivery of efficient, quality patient care.

Pure Storage

Enterprise Image Management and Storage

Providers today need access to more images, across the health system, in high resolution on all device types. However, they are often faced with the challenges of data silos created by disparate and legacy PACS systems — resulting from both the IT investment cycle and mergers and acquisitions.

Combining vendor-neutral archiving (VNA), data management and migration services in a single end-to-end solution, Commvault makes it easy to retire your outdated PACS infrastructure — and take back control of your clinical data.

And with FlashBlade™ from Pure, providers can benefit from a single-tier, all-flash solution for enterprise image archives and repositories that handles tens of thousands of concurrent requests and makes the fast delivery of imaging easy and reliable.


Healthcare data is under attack, and protection of PHI is top of mind for healthcare IT leaders. Part of any solid cybersecurity defense plan accounts for data protection and restore. With Commvault's IntelliSnap® snapshot technology, you can take frequent copies of your critical patient data and restore with one touch, should you ever need to. Commvault IntelliSnap data protection solution integrates Pure Storage FlashArray snapshot technology with applications and hypervisors, eliminating the need for users to create and maintain scripts. Commvault IntelliSnap technology provides scheduling, retention, snapshot indexing, recovery workflows, and more. Commvault also offers capabilities like endpoint protection, alerts, and real-time data monitoring to help mitigate the risk of ransomware.

High Performance

Data-driven healthcare requires high-performance IT infrastructure and data management software. Pure Storage FlashArray lets customers improve storage and application performance and simultaneously reduce their storage footprint. FlashArray combines the high throughput and low latency of flash storage with built-in deduplication and compression to provide extremely high application performance with effective density as high as 40TB per rack unit. In addition to high performance and density, FlashArray is designed to be simple to buy, deploy and manage.

Reduced Costs

Healthcare IT budgets are tight, and expected to stretch further than ever and support more initiatives. By managing enterprise data with Commvault solutions, healthcare providers benefit from features like integrated deduplication that save time and reduce costs. In fact, Commvault customers reported achieving 47 to 62% reduction in weekly administrative hours across cloud, disaster recovery (DR), backup, snapshots, discovery, reporting, and scripts.1 Couple this efficiency with Pure Storage: its 10x smaller footprint means organizations save big on power, cooling, and space, offering massive consolidation and cloud-like agility — and the real savings add up.

Transition to the Cloud

Healthcare is moving to the cloud, and Commvault and Pure Storage are ready to help you make that transition. Commvault provides a unique data management platform to move, manage and use data across on-premises and cloud locations. You can fully manage data across files, applications, databases, hypervisors and clouds. And from one platform, you can have comprehensive capabilities for cloud backup, recovery, management and e-discovery. Both Commvault and Pure Storage are integrated with leading cloud providers. And for hybrid and private cloud environments, Pure Storage offers maximum agility and velocity regardless of IT infrastructure. Pure Storage integrations deliver automation, orchestration, and self-service for VMware, Microsoft, Cisco, and OpenStack.

Pure Storage and Commvault: Understand and Protect

Over the past five years, new technologies have taken storage and turned it into a hotbed of innovation and new possibility.

High-Powered IT to Support Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics — AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics — are the next frontier for healthcare providers. Integrated care requires high-performance workflows, clinical apps, and advanced data analytics — all powered by machine learning. Commvault and Pure Storage can serve as the high-performance, enterprise foundation to drive your advanced analytics initiatives. With unprecedented agility, simplicity, and scale, the Pure Storage Data Platform is ready to consolidate and speed up all your applications even as you add next-gen analytics and AI, powered by FlashBlade™: the industry's first and only purpose-built, dynamic data hub for modern analytics and deep learning. Coupled with access to data from across your enterprise within Commvault, you will have the visibility, access, and performance needed for you to redefine patient care and healthcare economics through big data.

Commvault and Pure Storage: A Winning Combination

Together, Commvault and Pure Storage offer the performance, flexibility, and reliability that healthcare providers require to succeed in the era of data-driven healthcare. Both solutions have been recognized by Gartner as leaders for multiple years running. Commvault and Pure Storage: where lightning-fast application performance meets powerful data protection.

With Pure Storage and Commvault's simple, flexible snapshot management solution, you get lightning-fast application performance and powerful snapshot protection.

  1. January 2016, IDC #US40773815
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With Commvault and Pure Storage, you can accelerate application performance, meet your recovery point objectives faster and ensure application availability.