Commvault for Citrix® XenServer


Citrix XenServer is an open-source server virtualization platform used to deploy, host and manage Virtual Machines (VMs), as well as to distribute hardware resources – CPU, memory, networking, storage – to VMs. It’s optimized for application, desktop and server virtualization infrastructures, with support for Windows x86 and Linux VMs in an enterprise environment. The Commvault solution provides comprehensive and scalable backup and recovery, enables VM transformation, and provides the foundation for a robust Disaster Recovery strategy, and enables you to successfully tackle some of today’s biggest data center challenges.

The benefits of Commvault for XenServer

  • Highly-integrated data protection and recovery solution for use with Citrix XenServer
  • Enables backup and recovery of full Virtual Machines (VMs) as well as granular recovery of files and folders
  • Simplified Service Level Agreement (SLA)-based protection plans
  • Self-service architecture and easy-to-use, role-based management console provides complete control of VM administrator tasks
  • Available as an appliance-based solution, software-only, or as a hybrid solution

Protection of data and workloads, at rest … and on the move

Protecting a single VM is relative straightforward. But protecting thousands of VMs, migrating data into your environment and deploying a disaster recovery solution — each with differing requirements for protection, recovery and reporting — that’s a very different challenge. Commvault’s SLA-based protection plans can simplify these challenges and help ensure that each VM is managed exactly as it should be.

Comprehensive data protection for Citrix® enterprise virtualization

  • “Incremental Forever” data protection strategy of XenServer guests to better manage data growth and minimize impact to client system
  • Quickly recover individual files from within a XenServer guest-level backup
  • Utilize customized workflows to automate complex manual application recoveries beyond the virtual machine and operating system

Global management and proactive monitoring

  • Protect and manage all your Citrix XenServer environments from a single, easy-to-use management console
  • Provide reporting and monitoring for multiple Citrix XenServer environments in a consolidated view
  • Recover data from a single interface to any Citrix XenServer
  • Align your DR Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) to your unique business requirements
  • Single licensing model can cover all Citrix XenServers within an enterprise

Cloud integration for enabling hybrid infrastructure

  • Directly integrate cloud storage and resources without the need for gateways
  • Leverage cloud resources as backup targets or as a fully operational data management platform
  • Recover directly from cloud resources without the need to stage data

Simplified deployment and administration

  • Software-based solution offers flexible deployments options
  • Commvault HyperScale™ technology can simplify data protection platform deployment in a scale-out environment
  • Single, intuitive management interface reduces learning curve and deployment complexity

Data protection highlights

  • “Incremental Forever” data protection
  • Automatic discovery of guests
  • Snapshot integration through Commvault IntelliSnap® technology
  • Citrix XenServer platform protection from an easy-to-used, centralized management console
  • Comprehensive alerting and reporting

Flexible and easy-to-use

As a software-based solution, Commvault provides flexibility in deployment options. Commvault HyperScale™ Technology is also available as an integrated solution that combines all aspects of the data protection software and hardware in a scale-out system. Commvault can also be deployed as a completely virtual or cloud-based protection platform, to meet the unique needs of your business. A single, intuitive role-based management interface consolidates all configuration, management, and reporting tools into a browser-based portal. This simplifies ongoing management, reduces your administrative burden, and increases both speed and responsiveness.

Be ready … with Commvault

You rely on Citrix XenServer to help simplify your data center infrastructure. And with Commvault, you can extend that simplicity to data management and recovery with our proven, Citrix XenServer-integrated backup solution.

Citrix XenServer

A virtualization management platform optimized for application, desktop, and server virtualization infrastructures.