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Commvault Orchestrate™

Production data in your elaborate hybrid environment is growing and being replicated at an alarming rate. Which is why being able to reduce the associated complexity and overhead of all that dispersed data has become a huge priority for many organizations. What was once a well-ordered, IT-managed, single-wall data center, is now a hybrid infrastructure made up of physical, virtual, cloud and SaaS-based solutions.

You still need to be able to drive and accelerate application disaster recovery (DR), and development and test operations, while managing workloads and data migration – but now it’s completely outside of a neatly-managed data center. Today, everything has to be done across infrastructures; this means the administration of change control to avoid the unrestrained proliferation of copied data is more critical than ever for IT to manage.

So how do you move forward with effective data orchestration to support your ever-increasing IT needs?

With Commvault Orchestrate™ , you can quickly move, automate and migrate workloads across infrastructures. You’ll be driving better, more efficient application DR testing, accelerating development and test operations for application modernization environments, while linking change-management controls to better leverage your IT environments across applications and infrastructures.

Commvault Orchestrate

With the Commvault Orchestrate™ solution, you can more effectively manage multiple copies of production data through our exclusive implementation of Active Copy Management:

  • Accelerate and Improve Dev/Test
  • Better Control of Workload/cloud Migration
  • Improved Application Disaster Recovery

What happens once you’ve implemented Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery and conceivably Commvault HyperScale™ Technology as well? While Commvault has an unparalleled ability to scale, collect and protect data from across your organization, Commvault Orchestrate™ allows you to provision, sync and validate data across environments for important IT needs. Now you can better manage your production data to speed disaster recovery, development and testing operations, and workload migration – all in one solution.

Key Capabilities of Commvault Orchestrate™

Capability Result
Orchestrated data synchronization for application migration and/or DR testing Demonstrate recovery readiness and simplify your application migration projects
Automated resource provisioning Eliminate extra tools, external scripts and complicated workflows while embedding active monitoring and governance for your users
3rd party web service plugins, such as ServiceNow integration, for Commvault alerts and management Further integrate IT systems closer to business operations – reduce operations complexity and cost
Application/Database cloning & re-platforming Reduction of human intervention and risk
Workflow Engine & API structure – Automate complex processes like DR operations Some vendors charge an upsell or recommend 3rd party solutions.

Commvault Orchestrate™ in Context

Commvault Orchestrate
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Use Commvault Orchestrate™ in conjunction with Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery and even Commvault HyperScale™ to get your data where and when you need it. See buying options.