Commvault snapshot management for Nimble Storage

Commvault and Nimble Storage offer excellent performance, storage and protection for flash storage, while reducing cost and complexity in your business.

Commvault software’s IntelliSnap® technology and Nimble Storage function across a wide range of operating systems, hypervisors and applications and uses snapshots to provide fast operational recovery. This gives IT teams the peace of mind their important data is protected and the flexibility to continue using their current system while planning and executing their migration to Nimble Storage.

The benefits of using Intellisnap

  • Speed of Protection. Hardware snapshots only take seconds or minutes vs. hours for regular backup, regardless of data size.
  • Frequency of Protection. Application owners can protect their data as often as they need. An old backup system may have backed up your data once every 24 hours, but with IntelliSnap you can take snapshots every hour or less, which significantly lowers your potential loss of data.
  • Speed of Recovery. IntelliSnap technology allows recovery of databases within minutes by leveraging the ability of the storage device to quickly and efficiently roll back data. Traditional recovery methods copy data across multiple hops and take considerably longer, often many hours for large databases.

The value of Intellisnap in a Nimble Storage environment

  • Reduce Risk and Administration. Enables customers to add Nimble Storage flash arrays to a heterogeneous environment and manage snap and restore functions for all of them under a common interface. Both snap and restore functionality are put into the hands of the application administrator without requiring learning array interfaces or scripting.
  • Mission Critical Applications. Consistent protection processes simplify management of mission critical applications and a wide range of workloads. Point in time recovery in a single operation reduces costs due to complexity and downtime.
  • Granular Recovery. Snapshot copies are indexed for granular recovery according to application type which allows you to easily browse, select, and restore individual items such files, databases, and virtual machine content.
  • Secondary Use of Data. Database copies from snapshots can be used for test / dev, reporting and other workloads.

Commvault snapshot management for Nimble Storage

Primary use purpose of Nimble Storage

  • Flash Array Technology — Improves performance for critical applications.
  • Nimble Storage Snapshots — Allows snapshots to quickly protect & recover data and apps.
  • Sharing Data Across Workloads — Use data for reporting, test/dev, analytics, etc. without compromising primary storage performance.

Primary use purpose of Intellisnap

  • Protect Tier 1 Data — Cost effectively meet protection and recovery needs of critical applications.
  • Excessive Data — Quick and cost efficient for companies looking to protect large amounts of data.
  • Lightweight Copies — Snapshots are not full copies of data; retain only the changes (deltas) between snapshots.
  • Various Purposes — Snapshots can be used for recovery, test & development, backup, reporting, data mining, analytics, etc.

Key benefits of Intellisnap with Nimble Storage

  • Unlimited IntelliSnap Clients, Media Agents & Infrastructure.
  • Unlimited Granular Recovery Tools.
  • Policy Based Scheduling and Retention — Tie frequency and aging of snapshots to business SLAs.
  • Recovery Tier — Operational recovery of applications from snapshots gets your workloads up and running quickly in a disaster scenario.
  • Integrated Snapshot Indexing — Centralized search for snapshot contents without needing snapshot access.
  • Automated Storage Discovery — Automatically detect data location on array as storage layout changes without reconfiguring.
  • Reduced Complexity — No scripts or knowledge of storage layout needed. Shared array and policy configurations.
  • Replication for Disaster Recovery — Trigger replication of recovery points across sites. Snapshot-based replication transmits only the changes (deltas) to be recovered.

Available add-on features

  • Deduplication – A data storage approach that eliminates the storage of redundant data on storage media.
  • Integrated Snapshot Backup – Back up onto an alternate storage device or cloud for long-term retention.
  • Off-Host Backups – Snapshots from off-host backups reduce impact of backup to critical applications.
  • Protection Tier – A protection tier which serves traditional streaming backups for long term retention on secondary storage.
  • Data Archive or Content Search – Available to add-on to cell.