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Commvault Software Upgrade Services Brief



  1. Upgrading to the most current Commvault® software ensures that your data management environment can take full advantage of improvements in speed, performance, and reliability
  2. Enables access to innovative new product features, functionality, and capacity optimization
  3. Ensures that your environment is on the latest support version, helping to minimize support issues and speed resolution for those that may occur
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Efficient backup, recovery, archive and reporting operations are critical to maintaining a successful data management environment that is optimized for performance. As your data management and technology needs continue to evolve, regular examination and validation of your data management architectures and procedures - along with your business and infrastructure requirements - can help you to mitigate risk, streamline operations, and get the most out of your Commvault investment.

Through normal data growth and incremental changes and updates to your infrastructure, a Commvault® software environment that was once functioning at its peak will benefit from being updated to the latest version. An upgrade will help to ensure that it can operate at desired service levels, while accommodating subsequent growth in both your data and infrastructure.

With decades of experience and a broad customer base that provides us with regular feedback, Commvault is focused on innovation, constantly working to improve our software, to improve its overall performance, and to add new features and functionality. Each new version of Commvault software undergoes a rigorous testing process, to ensure that it works the way it’s supposed to, right out of the box. Unlike a software update - an enhancement or patch to existing software - a software upgrade is actually a complete new version of software, one that offers significant changes or improvements over previous versions. By upgrading to the latest software version, you help to ensure that you can take full advantage of performance enhancements, along with many new features and functionality.

Want to get more out of your Commvault investment? Commvault consultants can provide a fresh, external perspective that helps you understand the practical impact of an upgrade, and the new and innovative software management features that accompany it. And when you’re ready, they can help you upgrade your environment and ensure that it’s operating efficiently.

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