Commvault® Solution Personalization


  1. Commvault consultants personalize your reporting and workflow solutions quickly, reliably and cost effectively.
  2. Seamlessly integrate third-party apps, processes and other systems with Commvault software to gain a full understanding of your environment.
  3. Shorten time-to-value and improve outcomes by utilizing seasoned Commvault consultants, experts in personalizing Commvault software environments.

Offering summary

Flexibility is crucial for success in today’s dynamic data centers. Despite the sophistication of modern software platforms, a personalized integration effort can be essential for achieving the full potential of your unique data management strategy.

Working closely with your backup, recovery and archive teams, Commvault can help you develop a practical, modern vision for your IT environment.

The Commvault Personalization offering is designed specifically for customers seeking custom views and interoperability within their application environment and automation of complex data management tasks. Our technology consultants leverage the Commvault software platform and the experience of seasoned experts to build customized reports that deliver precise, tailored views and processes that address your unique business requirements.

As part of service delivery, our consultants provide concise documentation and education, which allows customers to modify their personalized solution configurations quickly and easily when needs change.

The Personalization service gives your management teams confidence that both business and technical requirements are being met on a consistent basis. The Commvault consulting team makes personalizing any Commvault software environment straightforward while delivering to a schedule and budget that customers can trust.

Commvault software leverage points

Commvault’s Personalization offering addresses many areas of data management personalization. However, customers often begin by personalizing their reporting and data management processes because these activities must address very specific company requirements. Commvault engineers fast-track personalization with their deep knowledge and experience with the Commvault Custom Report Server and Workflow Engine.

Commvault’s Custom Report Server is an HTML based report engine that ingests meta-data from multiple Commvault CommCell’s and provides aggregate, real-time console views. Its intuitive point and click interface allows administrators to develop reports that are suitable for executive management, data managers and end users. It also supports advanced configuration capabilities using a native SQL interface so that your organizations visibility into its data can be personalized.

The Commvault’s Workflow engine enables rapid, reliable automation of data protection operations. Workflow operations, including third-party APIs, can be scheduled and executed from a command line or even driven through a web process. This engine offers considerable flexibility for tailoring the end-user experience to the specific requirements of the business.

Personalization methodology

The Personalization team works closely with customers at the beginning of every engagement to determine the scope-of-work, process workflow, deliverables and implementation timelines. Once these components are defined, Commvault engineers will:

  • Develop personalized operation workflows or custom reporting based on company-specific requirements
  • Conduct acceptance testing according to agreed upon test plan criteria
  • Work jointly with the IT staff to deploy the workflow into production
  • Provide hands-on knowledge transfer to enable a seamless transition

Representative personalization engagements

Custom reporting server

Personalization consultants tailor a wide variety of report output to the customer’s unique information delivery needs.

Personalized deployment

Integration with third-party software deployment and patch management systems, specific Commvault software deployment requirements and specialized security requirements are addressed.

Process deployment

Automation and streamlining manual processes associated with server refresh, external DR processes, data migrations, or mass configuration changes.

Billing system integration

Meet internal/ external billing requirements, business unit charge-backs and account/asset management integration.

Portal integration through C++/CLI/XML/REST/JAVA/HTML

Unify the data management experience by incorporating an existing portal or the Cloud portal native to the Commvault software platform.

Application integration through C++/CLI/XML/REST/JAVA/HTML

Specialized applications often require specialized data management procedures. Commvault Personalization consultants help customers define those requirements and implement a fully personalized solution.

Object link deployment

Commvault software was an industry leader in supporting connection to Cloud (REST) targets for data storage. It can also act as a Cloud target (Amazon S3 Compatible) for applications that require specialized connectivity.

Key service components and benefits

Standard delivery approach Commvault consultants and the knowledge base supporting them leverage years of industry experience and thousands of unique data protection and recovery customers.
Personalization design The Commvault Personalization engagement includes input and direction from the customer’s application and data managers. Their direction is incorporated into reporting and workflow design that is tailor made to business requirements.
Personalization implementation The Personalization is built and tested by Commvault professionals from the Personalization team. The Personalization is deployed and retested by a Commvault Engineer in the customer’s production environment to ensure
proper functionality.
Third-party integration Customers often have a variety of systems that will benefit from integration with an enterprise data management platform. Billing systems, Asset Management databases, CRM systems and even legacy storage systems could all be candidates for integration solutions.
Interoperability Unique solutions will sometimes require a unique view of the customer’s data. This could include data from third-party databases or Commvault data that is presented in a new way for a more insightful purpose. These reports can then be merged into a holistic view with multiple facets to present a unified dashboard.
DocumentationIn order to facilitate transition to the customer’s use of the custom reporting or workflow, full documentation and knowledge transfer is conducted.
Technology consulting

Our experts can design, install, configure, personalize and validate your Commvault environment so you achieve a better return on investment, faster and with more confidence.