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Complement Microsoft Office 365 Using Commvault Archiving

Many organizations are turning to Microsoft Office 365 to achieve the agility, responsiveness and mobile access that cloud-powered productivity and collaboration applications can provide. Microsoft and Commvault have partnered together for almost 20 years to provide more business value through superior data management solutions. Commvault works with Microsoft to test and develop new solutions that deliver additional benefits to customers. For those organizations using Microsoft Office 365, Commvault software enhances the ability to efficiently archive data and, through proactive-data collection and high-speed search, helps to ensure companies meet GDPR and other regulatory requirements. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, you can trust Commvault to provide you with the tools you need be compliant, all the while protecting, securing, and giving you access to your data.

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How Commvault® Archiving Enhances Microsoft Office 365

Save costs, and your important data

Clearing out old data from your active Office 365 environment allows you to free up space and stay within your Office 365 quotas. However, purging the data puts you at risk of getting rid of data that while not active, is still important to your business. Commvault archiving is a safer solution that allows you to move that important information to lower cost storage, while still providing access to business-critical data when needed.

Retain the right information

Compliance teams are always worried about deleting information that should be retained, and keeping information that shouldn’t. Both scenarios can present considerable risk to your organization. Commvault archiving allows retention and disposition policies to be automated by using metadata and analyzing the contents of your emails and files. Safeguard valuable data, and free yourself of redundant or outdated data, based on your own rules. Automation provides the only way of maintaining consistent data handling as your data volumes grow.

Increase productivity

The right information can be hard to find quickly. Commvault archiving consolidates information from fragmented data sources such as on-premises file shares, SharePoint, and Exchange, as well as data hosted in Office 365 Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, into a single archive. Find the right information and drive improved productivity by using a unified search interface to quickly locate and review content.

Assure compliance

With Commvault software, the complete envelope journal is collected and fully content-indexed. This enables your Human Resources, Legal, and Compliance teams to do comprehensive and defensible searches, and allows the actioning of preservation orders. This includes both in-place and out-of-place legal holds and case management, with easy export options that contain chain of custody and file manifests for use with third-party systems.

Email Archiving Solution Brief

No matter if your company manages its own email servers, uses the skills of a third party provider, or leverages a cloud-based solution like Microsoft Exchange Online, it’s vital that you establish a sound email archiving strategy to ensure data preservation, regulatory compliance, and business continuity.

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Sample Architecture

The Commvault ContentStore Mailbox provides SMTP-based journaling. Journaled messages are sent from any mail server to an external recipient using the SMTP protocol. In this case, the external recipient is a mailbox on the ContentStore Mail Server (SMTP). The journaled messages are stored in the ContentStore Mail Server (SMTP). After the messages are archived, a cleanup job is run to delete the messages from the SMTP server. Data written to the Index Server allows for advanced search and content indexing. There are several interfaces by which messages can be searched for and viewed:

Compliance Search Interface

The Compliance Search interface provides features and advanced functionality for your Compliance Officers. These advanced features include the ability to create Review Sets and place data on Legal Hold. By default, the Compliance Search interface will perform a federated search across all Search Engines.

Web Console

The Commvault web console is where end users will go to search for their data that has been collected through data protection or archive jobs. Data can be previewed or downloaded as needed.

Microsoft Outlook

A customer using ContentStore Email Viewer would use the native Microsoft Outlook search. With ContentStore Email Viewer, the returned emails are HTML representations that can be replied to or forwarded the same as any other email. Attachments can also be viewed within the Microsoft Outlook application.

Microsoft Outlook application
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Why Commvault?

Commvault helps organizations solve the biggest email archive challenges while facing next-gen requirements like cloud, ever-changing governance, and growing data silos.

Microsoft has been trusting Commvault software to protect and manage data in their Office Products Group for more than a decade, in Xbox and Xbox Live, and most recently in its Global Foundation Services (GFS) organization.

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Learn more about Microsoft Office 365 data management solutions from Commvault.