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Converged Search of Endpoint, Email, File Share and Cloud Data

Commvault software provides full text searching, enabling the construction of high quality queries. It allows you to maintain visibility and accessibility, whether you’re relying on us for data protection, archiving — or are using Commvault as the single solution to consolidate and manage data across email, endpoints, the data center, and cloud repositories, such as Microsoft O365.


Self-Service Search Reduces End User Support Burden by 47%1

  • End users can retrieve data without initiating help tickets.
  • Legal and compliance stakeholders can meet obligations without waiting on IT.

Content-Aware Retention Management

  • Use keywords and phrases, as well as metadata, to further refine data for retention or disposition.

Rapid Risk Assessment when Laptops are Lost or Stolen, or End User Machines are Compromised

  • Quickly explore the contents of end user machines to determine exposure.

Cut eDiscovery, FOIA and Regulatory Inquiry Burdens by up to 80%2

  • Issue automated legal holds.
  • Have most or all relevant data at your fingertips immediately.
  • Respond faster without crawling the enterprise.

Extract Value from Legacy or Merger & Acquisitions Acquired Data

  • Get fast access to valuable intellectual property and business-related files.

Search for and Report on Sensitive Data Leakage

  • Schedule or conduct ad-hoc queries that search for data spillage, such as social security or credit card numbers, in unauthorized locations.


The Commvault® platform is a unique unified data protection and archiving solution, enabling the complementary backup and archiving policies recommended by leading analysts, and delivering high-performance search. Architected to be the cornerstone of a mature information management program, the platform eliminates infrastructure silos and the cost and burden of making loosely integrated point products work. Take advantage of search with your Commvault solution, and deliver strategic value to your IT, Legal, Security and Business stakeholders.

Acme Corporation - Remote Managed Services

Quantifying the Business Value of Commvault Software: Worldwide Customer Survey Analysis

IDC conducted a random survey across Commvault’s entire worldwide customer base.

Key Capabilities  
Single Query Search

A unified virtual repository houses both production and archived data, eliminating silos and enabling fast, seamless searching via a single console.

Advanced Searching with Results in Seconds

Build complex queries using Boolean logic, proximity, fuzzy and wildcard searches to produce accurate results in seconds.

Cull and Reduce ESI Volumes

Faceting and filtering allows you to quickly eliminate non-responsive and privileged data to reduce processing and review costs.

Self-Service End User Searching

End users can quickly and easily search, view and recover emails and files through an intuitive web interface, mobile device application or Outlook.

“Erase” Data

Easily comply with mandates, such as the UK’s Data Protection Act by quickly locating and/or removing personal data in response to data subject requests.

Legal Hold

Issue and manage holds, continually collecting and preserving new and changed data by custodian or source, throughout the life of the matter.

Chain of Custody

The Commvault solution maintains an auditable chain of custody to ensure compliance.

Role-based Access and Secure Collaboration

Assign read-only and edit permissions based on role. Share search results and comments to collaborate with other stakeholders and refine review sets.

Export Options


Virtually Unlimited Scalability

Scale easily from hundreds of users to hundreds of thousands of users, and from a single location to hundreds of locations globally, with the Commvault agile, web-scale platform.

Lower Total Cost of Operations with Smart Storage Tiering and a Hardware Agnostic Solution

Data can be stored on any combination of storage devices or cloud providers with native integration. This allows data to be automatically tiered and moved as it ages to the most suitable storage medium, giving you optimal cost control.

Platform Deployment Options

On-premises, Cloud or Hybrid

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  2. Vendor Landscape: Content and Email Archiving, InfoTech, 2013
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