Email archiving solutions datasheet from Commvault


  • Control email data growth by keeping only data that is important to the business via automated retention and deletion policies.
  • Save time and money by identifying and archiving redundant, outdated and trivial email data prior to migrating to a cloud-based email solution.
  • Gain control over information contained in PST and NSF files by automatically locating and archiving them, which streamlines search, and reduces storage costs, backup windows, and risk associated with lost or stolen files.
  • Enforce data governance policies through proactive data collection, and high-speed search and discovery of email data located on-premises and in cloud-based email applications.


With a vast majority of your company’s business-critical information being stored in emails, it’s no surprise that you’re looking at email archiving solutions to help face the many challenges you’re up against!

  • You don’t know which emails hold true business value and which ones are just taking up valuable storage space.
  • You need to frequently update your company’s email retention policy due to ever-changing organizational structure, employee turnover and system upgrades.
  • You want to migrate to less-expensive, cloud-based email applications such as Microsoft Office 365 or Google Mail (Gmail), but you have so much email data that it will be too time consuming and costly.
  • You want to reduce your organization’s dependence on .pst and/or .nsf files to ensure all email content is being protected and adhering to company policies.
  • You have increasing compliance needs: government regulations, business policies, and varying legal holds.

What you need is a powerful and integrated email archiving solution that complies with regulatory, legal and business mandates, and at the same time improves operational efficiency.

Commvault’s powerful, integrated email backup and archiving solution helps you proactively comply with the many regulatory, legal and business requirements for your data.


Commvault offers a comprehensive approach to email archiving that help you conquer those challenges. Combined, Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery and Commvault Activate™ empower you to dramatically simplify not only email archiving but archiving for an industry-leading combination of data environments, all the while helping you to enforce data governance policies.

A key component of Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery, email archiving allows you to proactively manage email data growth, gain control over PST and NSF files, and reduce the amount of data to be moved in the event of an email migration. Adding Commvault Activate provides you with insights to where your data is located quickly and cost effectively, and at the same time will confidently help meet your eDiscovery and compliance requirements.


By implementing Commvault email archiving solutions you can confidently tackle the new realities of the digital workplace by intelligently storing, managing and discovering email content to meet your business needs. Using Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery to apply automated archiving policies such as data retention, deletion and migration, you will be empowered to protect sensitive data, remove low value data, and reduce overall storage costs; and by adding Commvault Activate,™ you will achieve productivity improvements through easy, self-service access to archived data for search and discovery to meet your company’s regulatory compliance requirements.