Endpoint SaaS datasheet

Endpoint data protection as a service and secure file sharing

  • Protect and secure critical company data residing on laptops and desktops with automated backup service that doesn’t interrupt user productivity.
  • Minimize Data Leakage with built-in security settings such as the latest file and folder encryption and policy-based secure wiping of data from lost or stolen laptops.
  • Regain visibility and control over endpoint data for compliance and litigation purposes with integrated full-text search and reporting from a consolidated pool of data from your endpoints.
  • Provide a company-sanctioned, secure file sharing service that’s easy for end-users to use, and delivers required visibility and control over company data-sharing practices.
  • Enable mobile access to Backup and Secure File Sharing of Data with a secure content access from mobile devices and today’s popular web popular browsers.
  • Streamline Delivery and Reduce Operational Overhead with a fully-managed cloud service that egets you up and running quickly with little upfront investment, and no in-house application management resources.

Laptops are great for productivity, but you can not rely on employees to back up their devices. The expansion of the mobile workforce has resulted in almost half of corporate data residing outside the network — outside of your control — which adds a complex and potentially costly layer of risk to your organization.

Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery Endpoint Data Protection as a Service can be purchased as a fully-managed cloud service that reduces data risk, increases visibility, and improves employee data access. It runs effortlessly on most devices, in any location, with self-service and automation, so that files can be retrieved and recovered without IT intervention. It consumes minimal device resources, so there are no slowdowns or interruptions. And with essential features such as client-side deduplication and automated backup schedules, backups happen only when they need to — with only the data that has changed since the last scan. This conserves network bandwidth, and even allows backups to run over low-speed cell networks.

Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery Secure File Sharing can also be purchased as a fully-managed cloud service that enhances user productivity by keeping files synchronized and accessible across devices. Users can store, access, and share files from a virtual drive or storage point, which is a managed repository for all user’s data. File and folder access control and permissions can be controlled by end-users from a browser or mobile app. Commvault’s Secure File Sharing solution also helps businesses to regain control of data, to reduce the risk of regulatory, governance, and security issues. We ensure that your business data remains safe, while extending search and legal hold capabilities to support your compliance and search requests.

With each of our cloud based, as-a-service offerings, Commvault provides all necessary, hardware, software, facilities, personnel, processes, reporting, and leading practices oversight necessary for delivery to agreed-upon service level objectives.

Improve Data AvailabilityReduce storage space, expedite backups and ensure a consistent end-user experience by deduplicating at the source, scheduling based on multiple variables, such as CPU, power source and network conditions, and managing data transfer speeds and bandwidth consumption.
Optimize Security & Data Loss Prevention (DLP)Secure data at the endpoint, in transit and in the data center, with SSL encryption during transfer and encryption at rest via AES, Blowfish, 3DES and Ghost. Endpoint data is encrypted with Commvault’s proprietary modules which are FIPS 140-1 and 140-2 certified. Prevent unauthorized access to Windows and Apple laptop data with geolocation tracking, file and folder encryption, and secure remote wiping of laptop data.
Acelerated Search, Compliance, and eDiscovery OperationsOptional full-text search and indexing against a single pool of data from
all laptop and desktop users, datacenters, and many cloud repositories, accelerates the identification of responsive data for legal hold, compliance audits and investigatory operations. Legal hold workflow automation simplifies the process of ensuring preservation of Electronically Stored Information (ESI).
Backup Data Access and File Sharing from Any DeviceImprove productivity and collaboration among employees and partners with secure access and sharing via desktops, laptops, or mobile devices. Edge apps are available for iOS 8.0 and later and Android 4.0 and later. Windows 8 tablet users can access the system via a web portal. Access control is role-based, with two-factor authentication or single sign-on.
File and Folder-level Permissions (End user)Easily assign file and folder-level permissions, including:
• View, Edit
• Share link expiration and password control
• Allow/block content from being re-shared
Content owners can also manage access on the fly, by adding or removing users assigned to a shared file or folder.
Customer Active Directory IntegrationIntegration with customer Active Directory deployments allows customers to control data visibility on their own. Active Directory rights can be set on individual users and/or groups; end-users will only see data if they have the permissions to do so.
Cloud Certifications and Operations: SAS-70, SSAE-16Delivered as a fully-managed service on Microsoft Azure that provides SSAE-16 compliance for both its cloud infrastructure, as well as its operational practices, in order to provide unsurpassed security and performance.
Experienced StaffOur highly trained engineers, whose sole focus is data management, proactively monitor and manage your Commvault software environment 24×7, with a 99.9% service access guarantee. These professionals work from a central Commvault Command Center (CCC). This allows customers to leverage experienced Commvault Engineers who ensure the security and recoverability of their data
Data Security and PrivacyCommvault services are hosted in Microsoft Azure datacenters and leverage Azure virtual machines, networking, storage, and security. Azure security and privacy policies as well as datacenter compliance standards can be found at
All data is encrypted both on the wire and at rest using Commvault technology, in addition to any encryption that is offered by Azure itself.
Data privacy is enabled by default. That means that Commvault administrators cannot access or view customer data in any way — only customer end-users and customer administrators can perform restores and/or searches.
No inbound network connections to customer networks and/or clients is required. All communication is outbound on port 443 only.
Subscription Options• Endpoint Data Protection: Backup, restore and Data Loss Prevention (DLP). Licensed per user/3 devices with UNLIMITED storage.
• Search Add-On: Advanced keyword search and legal hold. Licensed per user/per device with 1TB storage
• File Sharing Add-On: File sync and sharing. Licensed per user/device with 1TB storage.
• Minimum 1 year term