Hitachi Data Protection Suite powered by Commvault plus Hitachi Content Platform

Conquer data growth and governance challenges with Hitachi Data Protection Suite powered by Commvault & Hitachi Content Platform (HCP)

Many organizations are looking to cloud-scale storage systems and policy automation for the long-term retention of data. Hitachi Data Protection Suite and HCP provide reliable, powerful and easy-to-use solutions to help you meet the demands of rapid data growth and increasing regulations around the world. Combining technologies from these two industry leaders alleviates the complexity of managing data governance at scale, while providing high-performance and secure self-service access to your data for multiple job roles and use-cases.

Hitachi Data Protection Suite powered by Commvault plus Hitachi Content Platform

Modern management of rapid data growth

Data growth is a consequence of the pace of modern business. With technologies such as IoT creating new data types and workloads such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) coming online – it’s a challenge every organization must deal with. Growth in primary data – unstructured and application data – means growth in availability and backup copies too. Traditional methods for managing this data and its long-term retention, such as tape, don’t meet today’s need for cost-effective scalability, resilience and performance.

Hitachi Content Platform is an object storage software solution designed to meet these needs by providing simple, cloud-like storage that Commvault software accesses using the S3 protocol. HCP enables users to better understand, govern and control the degree of mobility of their data, as well as to identify insights and extract value for data-driven decisions and faster time to market. As a worldwide leading object storage solution for four consecutive years, HCP delivers 67% lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) versus public cloud storage services and can deliver up to 40% or greater reduction in backup times.

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Two powerful solutions, one platform

Hitachi Data Protection Suite (HDPS) provides two solutions that are integrated with HCP, each fulfilling two extremely pressing business needs. Both work independently of each other, but when used together they form a powerful, intelligent data management platform that makes a fundamental shift in how your organization can use, control, and govern your data. Hitachi Data Protection Suite includes Commvault Complete Data Protection and Commvault Activate. You can choose the solution that fit your business needs.

Two powerful solutions, one platform

Commvault Complete Data Protection provides cloud-native data protection and disaster recovery (DR) for your entire enterprise, including efficiently managing backup retention on HCP. It also includes a file archiving capability, helping you to do deal with data growth at source. In addition to freeing up your primary storage, file archiving can also reduce DR and cloud billing costs.

Commvault Activate allows organizations to search and profile data across Hitachi Vantara storage and third-party storage arrays, the cloud and Commvault backup & archive stores. Commvault Activate is also a compliance archive solution for semi-structured data repositories such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and cloud sources, such as Office 365. Not only does Commvault Activate help organizations manage processes for privacy regulations such as CCPA and GDPR, it turns your Commvault backups into a data lake that can be refined or mined for data insights, using the power of its highly scalable dynamic index.

The benefits of using Commvault with Hitachi Content Platform

Commvault Complete Data ProtectionCommvault Activate
Control data growth Simplified policy-based management of backup retention
from a single console; automated file archiving from primary sources, including NAS and multiple operating systems/VM types
Profiles and indexes data, enabling you to manage redundant, obsolete, or trivial (ROT) data with policy-based remediation and workflows based on content
Meet recovery
SLAs and
Uses built-in AI to analyse your recovery SLA requirements, and automatically arranges backup collection methods and schedules to meet your recovery goalsProvides visibility of data so that protection/recovery policies match data critically. In the event of a data breach it can help to understand the degree of the breach, so you can meet disclosure obligations.
Support for your technology
Supports the snapshot engines of more than 350 arrays, 15 hypervisors, over 24 enterprise applications, 5 public clouds and over 65 cloud storage platformsSupports a wide range of operating systems,
applications and cloud & SaaS applications from providers such as Microsoft, Google, SFDC, and more1

1 View a full list of supported SaaS services.

Commvault Complete Data ProtectionCommvault Activate
Disaster recovery Supports DR to meet recovery SLAs of just a few minutes, even in the cloud. Enables VMs to be booted inside the backup store for access before and during recovery. Cloud-native and includes region to region and cloud to cloud DR and VM migration. Built-in policy driven anomaly detection to protect from ransomware.Helps to reduce data volumes, shortening DR time and reducing the need for redundant infrastructure. Also assists with prioritizing recovery SLAs.
Ease of
Commvault Command Center™ provides an easy-to-use, API and role-based environment to manage and automate
data operations and policies across all recovery and archive storage tiers, including HCP and the cloud. The same system also provides easy to-read reports with clear, actionable information and workflow management.
GovernanceAll backup and availability operations are audited. Data encryption and built-in key management is also included and is optimized with Commvault’s deduplication technology.Commvault Activate helps you to manage governance challenges at scale. This include state, national and international laws and regulations, such as California’s CCPA and the EU’s GDPR, as well as industry specific regulations in finance, healthcare, pharma etc.

Learn more about Commvault Complete Data Protection and Commvault Activate. To understand how Commvault and Hitachi work together, check out our Hitachi Vantara alliance.